Make It Monday: Neon Desk Organizer

Pretty Neon Desk OrganizerMother’s Day is right around the corner, why not make something cute and useful for Mom? This organizer by Debbie Saenz is great for the office, kitchen, bedroom, even the bathroom. Where ever Mom has little things that need a home this organizer can help her out. Here’s how to make it.

First, gather these supplies:


3 circular boxes in descending sizes

FolkArt Colors & Medium:

479 Black
2854 Neon Green
2850 Neon Pink
2853 Neon Yellow

694 Crackle Medium

Other Supplies:

Foam paint brushes and/or large flat brushes, small flat paint brush, hot glue, hot glue gun.

Basecoat your surfaces in Black.

First basecoat each of the boxes in Black. Let the paint dry thoroughly.

Apply a coat of crackle medium.

Next, apply crackle medium to each surface after their basecoat has dried. Be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle — you do not need a heavy coat of the medium to get the desired effect.

Apply your top coat of paint.

Once the crackle medium has dried apply a top coat in the neon color of your choice. As the paint dries you will see the cracks begin to emerge. Do not add an additional coat of paint or over brush, or you may loose the crackle effect.

Highlight the rim of the box in a coordinating color.

Add highlights along the rim of the box in contrasting colors.

Once all of the boxes are dry, use hot glue to attach them as shown in the image above.

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