Tuesday Huesday: Motoring Through Spring

Boys' Bathroom

Spring always calls forth bright floral colors and blue skies. These colors are great for the fairer sex, but how do we infuse spaces meant for boys with the light, airy feeling that goes with Spring? Pottery Barn makes it looks simple by combining grass green, blues that could have been pulled right from the sky and a white that girls might say comes from daisies. But our boys are more likely to recognize it as the creamy white leather interior of a classic car.

Drive the theme home with octagon patterns on the walls — it’s a subtle way to stay true to the design without adding colors that might seem harsh against lighter hues derived from the fresh buds of the season.

Boys' Bathroom Color PaletteThis palette was created used FolkArt Acrylic colors (from left to right): Vintage White, Hauser Green Light, True Blue and Sky Blue.

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