Safe Paints

Welcome to another installment of ASK PLAIDIE LADDIE!

Plaidie LaddiePlaidie Laddie, loyal Plaid pooch and one of our blog contributors, wants to answer your most burning painting questions. Every week he’ll pick a question out of his virtual mailbag and answer it (with a little help from me, since he only has paws). This week’s question:

“Dear Plaidie Laddie, I like to paint with my kids, but they’re young and can make a big mess. Do I have to worry if thumb with paint on it makes it into a little mouth?” — Rebecca V. from Illinois

What a great question, Rebecca! Long story short, no! You don’t have to worry. Both Apple Barrel and FolkArt acrylic paints have been independently evaluated by board certified toxicologists and deemed non-toxic. The official seal can be found on our paint labels. While we wouldn’t recommend ingesting any paint — it can’t taste very good — if the kids manage to grab a cookie before they wash their hands after a project it’s not a big deal. Have fun painting and show us some of those great family projects!

One Comment to “Safe Paints”

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