TGIF Project: Daisy Pot Basket

Daisy Pot Basket by Julie Lewis

Now that you’ve gotten the 101 on how to paint on terra cotta pots from Chris Williams, Julie Lewis is going to show you have to create this super cute basket. Julie’s project is not intended for plants, so she didn’t seal the pot. However, if you do want to plant some daisies in this pot once you’ve painted it, simply seal the interior of the pot first, then follow the rest of Julie’s instructions.

Let’s get started! First, gather these supplies:

FolkArt Outdoor Paint
1610 Wicker White
1625 Fresh Foliage
1632 Calypso Sky
1654 Pure Gold
1661 Lemon Custard

FolkArt Crackle Medium #696

Other Supplies: 2 ¾” clay pot, 6” clay pot, Tape, ¼” foam spouncer, #4 round brush, ¼”, ½” flat brush, E-6000 adhesive, 2 washers, Wire, Needle nose pliers, Wire cutters.

Paint the inside of the pot and the outer rim.

Paint the inside and rim of the large pot, and the body of the small pot green.

Brush crackle medium onto the small pot.

Apply Crackle Medium to base of small pot and let dry.

Tape the large pot as shown for painting.

Using the tape width for spacing, tape stripes as shown around the large pot. Paint the stripes blue and let dry.

Use a round brush to add petals.

Using a round brush, paint petals at tops of stripes. Picturing a clock face, paint the 12, 3, 6 and 9 positions first, then fill in. Use a spouncer to add the yellow centers.

Create dot pattern using the opposite end of the paint brush. Add dots using the opposite end of a paint brush.

Create dot patterns using opposite end of brush dipped in paint.

Paint over the dried crackle medium. Paint the rim of the small pot blue.

Apply white topcoat to small pot to crackle. Paint rim.

Glue the pots together.

Wrap wire around a paint brush to curl.

Wrap wire around brush handle to curl. Cut to desired length.

Wrap the ends of the wire around washers and crimp with pliers.

Wrap ends of wire around washers and crimp with pliers.

Glue washers to the inside edge of the pot to create the handle.

Glue washers to inside edge of pot to create handle.

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