Make It Monday: Spring Bird House

Spring Bird House

Do you hear birds chirping? I do! It’s time to put out Hummingbird feeders and bird houses to welcome back our feathered friends. This spring birdhouse by Debbie Saenz will charm both people and its intended inhabitants.

Gather these supplies:

FolkArt Outdoor Colors

1625 Fresh Foliage
1632 Calypso Sky
1656 Warm White

Other Plaid Supplies

Simply Stencils – 17429A
Stencil Brush 5/8” – 34029

Other Supplies

Wood birdhouse, Twig, Drill, Wood glue, Sand paper, Wax candle, Painters tape, Paint brush.

To get started, paint the roof, base of birdhouse, and twig with Fresh Foliage. Allow to dry. Then paint the remainder of birdhouse with Calypso Sky. Allow to dry.

Rub wax on the roof of the bird house.

Rub wax candle on all edges and surfaces of birdhouse and twig. Paint roof, base of birdhouse, and twig with Calypso Sky. Allow to dry.

Paint the rest of the birdh house Fresh Foliage.

Paint remainder of birdhouse with Fresh Foliage. Allow to dry.

Use sandpaper to distress the bird house.

Distress birdhouse and twig by sanding off some of the top layer of paint. Sand edges and all surfaces.

Stencil the front of the bird house and the roof. Stencil the sides of the bird house.

Stencil both sides of roof and front of birdhouse with Warm White using the middle section of long stencil border design. Stencil small “flower” design on both sides and larger “flower” design on back using Warm White.

Use the brush handle to add dots.

Use the handle end of a paintbrush to make dots around hole in front of birdhouse. Allow to dry.

Lightly sand over the stencil to blend.

Lightly sand over stenciled designs and dots with sandpaper to blend and soften.

Drill a hole through the center of the bird house.

Drill a hole through the front of the birdhouse in the middle of stenciled design. Secure twig in hole with wood glue.

2 Comments to “Make It Monday: Spring Bird House”

  1. What’s the purpose of the candle??

    • You rub the candle wax on the birdhouse between coats of paint to help achieve the “weathered” look when you sand it. This way you can make sure the base paint color shows through where you want it to.

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