Spring Organizer Part 2

Garden Organizer with Snail, Dragonfly and Bumble Bee.

Welcome back! On Monday Chris Williams showed you how to paint these cute little bugs for your garden organizer. Today we get to finish the project as Chris shows us to paint the organizer itself.

Garden Organizer with Butterfly

Just a quick refresher, here are the supplies you need for this project:

Wood crate or organizer
Bug themed wood cutouts: Bee, Dragonfly, Snail and Butterfly

Apple Barrel Paints:
20346  Pure Pink
20349  Fresh Lime
20621  White
20645  Real Yellow
20648  Mossy Green
20652  Spring Green
20662  Black

Brushes: No. 1 liner brush, ¾” and No. 8 flat brushes, stylus

Container of water, foam plate to use as a palette and a few paper towels.

Let’s get to it! Now all that is left to paint is the wood organizer!  I painted the organizer with regular Apple Barrel and accented with Black Apple Barrel Gloss paints.  Gather the following colors – Kiwi, Kelly Green, Aquamarine, Laguna, Black Gloss and some stencil tape.

Supplies to paint the organizer.
Basecoat each section as desired.  Using the stencil tape, you can mask areas to paint the Black Gloss stripes as dividers.

Use stencil tape to separate the different sections of the organizer.

I decided to paint the word “Garden” on the backside of the organizer.  Here is a fun way to paint lettering if you do not feel comfortable free hand painting… I used the 2” Genie Mailbox Letter Stencils and traced the word, “Garden” onto a sheet of tracing paper.

Trace the lettters for "garden".

Next, I flipped the paper over and rubbed white chalk along the pattern lines.

Trace the pattern with chalk on the back of the tracing paper.

Flip your patter over one more time and place on the side of the organizer.  You can secure in place with a piece of tape if desired.  Using my stylus, I retraced the pattern.

Place the pattern on your organizer and trace the letters with a stylus.

Voila!  See how easy that was?  Now you are ready to paint the letters.

Transferring the pattern is easy!

I painted my Aquamarine using a flat brush.  Of course, you could also stencil the letters directly onto your project, however, I wanted to share with you a technique of tracing and transferring a letter pattern.

Paint the letters.

When the base color was dry, I rubbed away any white chalk residue and shaded the left side of each letter with Laguna using my flat brush.

Once the basecoat is dry add highlights.

I painted polka dots of various sizes and all colors on the sides.  Try using Spouncers and Daubers to achieve different size dots.

Use spouncers and daubers to paint different colored dots on the sides.

Look, how fun!  It is coming to life!

Almost there!

Now it is time to assemble, I love it when it all comes together.  I applied Beacon’s Premium Tacky glue on the backside of each wood cutout before placing it directly on the organizer.

Put tacky glue on the back of all of your painted bugs.

Here is my bumble bee in place.  Isn’t she cute?

Bumblebee in place!

And look, here is the dragonfly!  I love the bright green color behind her!

The dragon fly looks great with the bright green.

The Aquamarine is a cool color behind my snail, very calming.

Calming colors with the snail.

And last, but definitely not least is my lady butterfly.  I placed her right beside the painted “Garden.”

Glue the butterfly next to the word "Garden."

And here is a final look at the word, “Garden.”

One last look at the painted word "Garden."

Gosh, with such a pretty organizer for my garden tools, I had to splurge and get a new pair of garden gloves!  Now where did I place my tools and seed packets?

The finished organizer.

I hope you have enjoyed this project and its inspiration.  It was a lot of fun to create!

2 Comments to “Spring Organizer Part 2”

  1. Awwwwe thanks so much, taxcat1st. I am glad you enjoyed this project. Stay turned to Paint Me Plaid as there will always be so many fun projects and inspiration! I am glad to know you liked it.

  2. this turned out really cute!!

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