Tuesday Huesday: Fun with Formal

Fun with Formal from Better Homes and Garden magazine, May 2011The house I grew up in has an entire room that we are not allowed to enter. It is Mom’s formal living room and it is beautiful and pristine and no one is allowed to touch it. We used to joke that Mom had laser sensors set up and any trespassers would lose a limb. And while the room was — and still is — absolutely beautiful, it is traditionally formal and very feminine. The walls are painted a light peachy color. The furniture is all creams, pinks and peaches with dark woods and a hint of  grass green thrown in. And now that we are all grown and know better than to put our feet on the couch or not use a coaster on the coffee table, unless we’re taking a family photo we still don’t go in that room. We don’t want to spoil anything.

Mom tells me now that she wishes she had not gone for such a formal look. That she wishes she had made the room a little more welcoming since it’s the very first thing people see when they enter the house. She wishes it was more reflective of the attitudes and personalities — very laid back and carefree — in our family. So with that in mind, we give you the fun, formal room as shown in the May 2011 issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  This room relies on darker colors — safe for any member of the household to come into contact with  — and some whimsy. The more traditional, formal chairs are dressed up with a pop of color with the throw pillows and the traditional mantle gets a little shake-up with blue ceramic animals. It’s a room that Dad, Mom, Aunt, Uncle, or anyone in the family could be comfortable in. And while it still requires coasters, it definitely invites people to stay for a while, get comfortable in a plush arm chair and enjoy the details.

Fun with Formal FolkArt SwatchesWe built this color palette using FolkArt Acrylic Colors French Vanilla, Hauser Green Light, Dark Hydrangea and Forest Moss.

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