Little Red Bug

Lady Bug Pillow by Chris Williams

Last week Chris Williams gave you the 101 on fabric painting. Now let’s have fun creating a project she designed using Go Go Bugs Simply® Stencil a piece of cotton/poly blend fabric, a couple stencil brushes, stencil tape, and three colors of FolkArt Fabric Paint, 4005 Engine Red, 4426 Licorice and 4436 Metallic Silver Sterling.

Gather your supplies.

Begin by taping your fabric to a wax-covered backing board or shirt form to keep fabric taut.

Tape your fabric to your crafting surface to keep it taunt.

Next, place the lady bug stencil in the center on an angle and secure in place with tape.

Secure your stencil with tape.

Stencil ladybug spots, head, antennae and bottom Licorice.  Use stencil tape to mask areas not to be painted.

Stencil lady bug head and spots.

Continue stenciling Engine Red wings.

Stencil the wings.

Stencil Metallic Silver Sterling circles randomly over the background and one Licorice “spot.”

Stencil circles in the background.

Using fine point black permanent ink marker, write saying around the square:

Little red bug,

Oh so cute.

Here’s a black spot

For your suit!

Add the saying around the outside of the design.

Add Licorice polka dots border and allow to dry.  Remember to heat set before using fabric square as a pocket on a tote or sewn into a pillow!

Add a polka dot border.

To make a pillow sew 2.5” strips of fabric on all four sides; add a ruffle and then sew to larger fabric square and stuff..   You can even embellish with stacked buttons on the corners!

Lady Bug Pillow by Chris Williams

If you make this a pillow it is best to spot clean, otherwise, hand wash with a gentle detergent as needed.

One Comment to “Little Red Bug”

  1. Absolutely adorable! Love the graphics and the sweet lettering.

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