Say Hi to Holli Long!

Holli LongHolli has been a contributor to Paint Me Plaid from day one. She even made this adorable Plaidie Laddie project. We are very happy to announce that Holli is going to be a regular contributor to Paint Me Plaid with projects, tips, tricks and other fun stuff every week!

So to kick things off we thought we’d help you get to know Holli a little bit better. You probably already know that Holli has been working with Plaid for twenty years now designing projects, naming paint colors and so much more. She has been an OSCI for eight years and is certified in both Level 1 and Level 2. But there’s so much more to know!  We grilled Holli to see what makes her crafty mind tick.

PMP: Hi Holli! How did you get started in crafts?

Holli:  When I was about 10, I asked my parents for an oil painting kit.  I taught myself for quite a while then they put me in a class or two.  I earned a Blue Ribbon at the fair for a painting I did about 4 years later.  I always painted after that.  I’ve always loved it.  It takes me places, makes me happier, and it brought me to Plaid, where I was blessed to do it for a living.

PMP: You talk about your children, and your grandson on your blog, how to they influence and inspire you?

Holli: My kids have watched me “design on demand” since they were in Elementary School.  They grew up around wet paint, craft foam, hot glue, and projects everywhere!  “What did you make today, Mama”? is one of my favorite memories of them when they got off the bus.  They loved what I did, they learned from me, asked me questions about everything, and always helped clean up the mess!  And they still do.  I guess I’m just inspired to inspire them. 

My Grandson is a wonder.  3 years old and he’s already been featured as the Littlest Mod Podger, along with a video of him demonstrating his craftiness, on the Mod Podge Rocks blog.  I’ve been painting and drawing with him since he could hold a crayon.  He loves creating with me.  It’s a good feeling.

PMP: You do all kinds of painting including One Stroke, oil painting and Gallery Glass painting. Do you have a favorite?

Holli: No.  I love it all!  One Stroke helped me come out of my shell, and I loved being part of Donna’s group of painters. Meeting the OSCI’s was one of my all time favorite parts of my time at Plaid.  But Gallery Glass is always fun to do for me.  It’s such a versatile medium and I try to push its limits every time I use it.  There isn’t a day I work in my craft room that I don’t find some time to enjoy my Gallery Glass windows.  When the sun shines through that paint, it’s absolutely beautiful.    

PMP: Rumor has it that over the years you’ve helped Plaid name some paint colors. What is your favorite color name? And what is your favorite Plaid paint color?

Holli: I truly loved helping the Paint Product Manager name the paint colors when the time came to do that every year.  I think my favorite of those would be Jamaican Sea.  Sounds like such a nice place to be, doesn’t it?  My all time favorite Plaid paint color is Light Blue.  It’s such a sweet, crispy blue to me.  It’s a great basecoat for clouds, one of my favorite things to paint.  The whole color selection of Folk Art paints is great, though!

PMP: You recently moved from Georgia back out near your home town in California. How has this move impacted your painting?

Holli: Moving back home has definitely given me more time to devote to my painting and crafting.  Also, working for Plaid for so long I learned to create what others needed more than what I would do if it were truly mine.  I have a new found freedom I’ve not experienced in a long time and I think my projects are more thought out and reflect my whimsical outlook.

Holli will be back on Monday with a great project for Father’s Day that you can do with the kids. In the mean time, get inspired by some other projects Holli has done.

Scottie Dog Puzzle

How to Paint Plaid

Candle Holders
Out of This World Solar System
Out of This World
Solar System
Polka dot Message Board
Polka Dot
Message Board

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