Make-It Monday: Frame It Up For Dad

By Holli Long
Painted photo frames for Dad.

I was inspired to do some “manly” Fathers Day frames by my sweetheart who has, what he calls, an “I love me” wall in his office at work.  On this wall, in black frames, hang many of his awards and the accomplishments from his career in the U.S. Army, and his hard earned contractor’s license, to list just a few.  They are his daily reminders of how hard he’s worked in his life and the acknowledgement he’s received for that hard work.

I thought what a great way to honor Dad on his special day and show him just how proud his family is of his hard work and accomplishments.  These frames could be hung in his office at work, at home, or even in his “man cave”.  They could be filled with his awards, or even just some beautiful pictures of his family.

Here’s what you need to before we started:

Supplies for Dad's picture frames.

Folk Art Acrylic Colors:

416    Dark Brown
938    Licorice
661    Metallic Sequin Black
663    Metallic Solid Bronze
664    Metallic Copper

Folk Art Glazing Medium 991
Folk Art Artists’ Varnish Gloss 884
Wood picture frames in various sizes, 150 grit sandpaper, soft cloth, large white bristle brush, 3/4″ flat brush for basecoating and varnishing

Wooden thrift store frames.
I got these frames from a thrift store down the road from my house.  Gently used, wood frames that still have a bit of life left in them once given a shiny coat of paint!  I removed all the glass and backing from the frames and went to work with some 150 grit sandpaper.  Then I wiped them with a soft, clean cloth to remove sanding dust.
I pulled my colors together and got to work.  I painted the two smaller frames with a Metallic Solid Bronze basecoat, sanded lightly when paint was dry, and gave them a second coat.  I set them aside and painted the larger frame with Metallic Copper, sanding lightly between coats.

Mix together your colors.
I mixed together equal parts of Plaid’s Glazing Medium, Dark Brown, and Licorice.

Stipple the paint mixture onto the frame.
I used a large white bristle brush to “stipple” the glaze mixture onto the surface of the frames.  I did this in stages on the surface, worked quickly and spritzed the wet paint with water.  After wetting the area, I tilted the frame so that the water could swirl and sort of smear the glazing mixture around.

Spray the wet frame with water to get a swirling effect.
I worked slowly, stippling, spritzing and swirling until all three frames had an aged metallic look.  I let them dry completely and painted the raised edges and sides with Metallic Sequin Black.  After they dried overnight, I gave them a coat of Folk Art Gloss Artists’ Varnish.

The final product.That’s it! Just a few steps and you can give an old frame a new look. You can even experiment with colors to come up with something really psychedelic for Dad. If you don’t like the results, just sand it and try again!

One Comment to “Make-It Monday: Frame It Up For Dad”

  1. What a cool trick! Thanks so much for sharing it. The bronze metallic is a really nice color behind the black.

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