A Little Inspiration, Please

by Holli Long

Shoreline Village at Rainbow Harbor

There are times, when I sit down to do a crafty project that I have a specific thing in mind to make.  A gift, or a holiday decoration, a special request from a friend, or even a project to do for work all require color or “theme” inspiration to get my creative juices flowing.  Then there are the projects I feel the need to make.  Something outside my little world inspires me and I can’t get it out of my head until it comes out of my brush and onto my surface.

A few weeks ago, I visited the Shoreline Village at Rainbow Harbor.  What a perfect place to go for inspiration!  Bright, beautiful colored buildings that hold treasures for the souvenir seeker, yummy treats like twisters and chocolate covered everything (I had the chocolate dipped Twinkie), and restaurants that make your mouth water just walking by!  The buildings gave me a great idea for a color palette: FolkArt Colors Patina, Fresh Foliage, Lemon Custard, Bright Pink and True Blue with accents of Wicker White.  All such different colors, but when painted together make me very happy.

Beach House Gift Shop

This Beach House gift shop reminded me of the large stash of shells I have collected myself, on my trips to Southern California and the beaches of Destin, Florida.  What a great accent for just about any surface you can think of.

Beach House gift shop display
Such beautiful shells, displayed on shelves and in cases go great alongside the shop’s Patina colored walls, don’t you think?  My brain was buzzing with possibilities.  Or was it the chocolate dipped Twinkie?

Inspiring light house
As we walked around the village, I spotted this wonderful lighthouse.  The nautical theme of everything here called to me.  The blue of the water and the sky together with all the white of the boats and boardwalk, made me itch to make something for my home to remind me of this incredible day of sight-seeing.

Beach Inspired Nesting Boxes
I created these pretty Beach Inspired Nesting Boxes. (Come back tomorrow for the tutorial!) I used the Patina color I saw looking at the buildings that surround the village, added tans and warm whites to reflect the sandy colors in our coastline, and accented with jute and shells from my own collection.  I even added some FolkArt Extreme Glitter to some of the shells to bring a little of my own personality to the project.

Inspiration is easy to find.  If you don’t have a wonderful place like this to visit near you, you can explore by using magazines, catalogs, or theme specific searches on the internet.

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