TGIF: Retro Star Burst Wall Clock

Retro Starburst ClockThe epitome of retro chic is the star burst… anything! Star burst clocks are in high demand, hard to find and come with quite a high price as well. You can make your own at a fraction of the cost and a bundle of crafty value. Plaid Designer, Julie Lewis has pulled together a variety of surprising supplies that when combined, puts a new twist on a desirable retro theme. Add in a sampling of Plaid’s new FolkArt Acrylic Colors and you’ll create a cool, yet new retro vibe.

Here is all you need:

FolkArt Acrylic Paint

940 Coffee Bean
2573 French Vanilla
2575 Deep Tomato Red
2558 Cinnamon
481 Aqua
741 Glazed Carrots
320 Jamaican Sea
2579 Fresh Cut Grass

Plaid Simply Stencil Value Pack #28669 – Circles and Squares

Plaid Letter Stencils – 28924 1 ½”

Aqua foam sheet – 2mm, 14 Popsicle sticks, 12 ½” wood circle, Hand drill, Tracing paper, Glue, E 6000 adhesive, Ruler, Right angle, Craft knife, Large Styrofoam cup, Pencil, ½” and ¼” stencil brushes, ½” and ¼” flat brushes, #1 Liner brush, Walnut Hollow Clock Quartz Movement – UPC 0 46308 20600 3  #TQ600P

Let’s start by learning how to find the center of a circle:

Find the center of the circle.

Lay your ruler across any edge of wood circle so that your ruler is equally spaced from one edge to the other. For example, the 3” mark is at one end and the 12” mark is at the other.

Draw a line across the circle.

Draw a line across the wood circle.

Find halfway and mark.

Find halfway and mark.

Use your right angle tool to make a vertical line.

Lay your right angle along drawn line and at your halfway mark. Draw your vertical line.

Repeat from any other two edges.

Repeat from any two other doesn’t matter if they are equally distant from each other. You’ll see where your three perpendicular lines intersect and that… voila!… is your center.

Drill a hole at the center.

Drill a hole with a bit that is the same size as your clock movement’s stem.

Gather your foam and stencils.

Gather your foam, the numbers from your letter stencil pack, a pencil, a large Styrofoam cup and a craft knife.

Trace 12 circles into the foam.

Trace twelve circles onto foam.

Cut out with a craft knife.

Cut out with craft knife.

Stencil the numbers.

Stencil your numbers onto the foam circles in Coffee Bean.

Trace your double digit numbers.

Trace out your double digit numbers for accurate placement.

Place over foam circles.

Place over foam circle and slip stencil under for placement.

Fill in stencil breaks.

Fill in stencil breaks with liner brush.

The finished numbers.

They will look like this when finished.

Basecoat the clock.

Basecoat your wood clock face with Coffee Bean… now the fun begins!

Stencil circles onto the clock.

Use the 2 ½” circle from stencil and apply French Vanilla. Start at the very center of your clock.

Stencil circles out from the center.

Stencil circles straight out from center. Repeat in the other direction.

Create a cross.

You now have a cross and…

Fill in the remaining pattern.

can fill in the remaining circle pattern!

Use a smaller stencil to paint the inside of each circle.

Lay the 1 ¾” circle over the larger circle. Comb paint on with stencil brush so you get a wood grained look.

Repeat with other colors.

Repeat with other colors like this…cool!

Paint your popsicle sticks.

Paint your Popsicle sticks with Cinnamon.

Place glue on sticks and attach numbers.

Place glue at top end of dried sticks and attach foam numbers.

They look like auction paddles!

They kind of look like auction paddles!

Measure 2 3/4" down the popsicle stick.

Measure 2 ¾” down from foam and mark with pencil. This will ensure that all your numbers will be the same distant from the clock.

Paint edge of clock.

Paint edge of clock Aqua.

Mark twelve positions on the back of the clock.

Mark your twelve positions on back of clock and glue numbers around. Make sure to line up your pencil mark on the stick to the edge of the clock.

The view from the back.

It will look like this from behind… wait until you see the front! But, before that…

Paint remaining popsicle sticks.

Cut down one of the two remaining Popsicle sticks about 1”. Round off the edges with scissors. Paint Glazed Carrots.

Put adhesive on the clock hands.

Add adhesive to existing clock hands making sure not to glue on the open circle end.

Attach popsicle sticks.

Attach Popsicle sticks… and then…

Assemble the clock.

assemble clock movement as shown on package. Add a Coffee Bean dot to ends of Popsicle hands with opposite end of brush.

The finished clock!

Retro cool…Modern awesome!

5 Responses to “TGIF: Retro Star Burst Wall Clock”

  1. Your clock looks beautiful, well done! I’ve got this linked to my clocks post too today, nice job!

  2. OOOOH!! Featuring on Decor Hacks in a starburst clock roundup I’m doing soon!

  3. LOVE this, Julie! Great color palette, too.


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