Make-It Monday: Photo Cube

Father's Day Photo Cube by Holli Long

Father’s Day is right around the corner and what better gift to give Dad than a hand painted photo cube for his desk? You can use the fun Summer colors that Holli Long picked when she designed this, or use colors that will be a better match for his office. In any case, this is a fun and easy project that you can have ready in plenty of time for Sunday.

Here’s what you need to get started:

Apple Barrel Colors:

20774 Aquamarine
20253 Limeade
21377 Snowflake

Folk Art Peel & Stick Painting Stencil 30459 Floral

Plaid 4 way Photo Cube 97870

Other Supplies: Stencil brushes, paper towels, masking tape, wood ball, craft glue

After basecoating, paint sides in alternating colors.

Basecoat surface Snowflake. When dry, paint two opposite sides Aquamarine and Limeade as shown. Paint bottom edges of photo cube with opposite color of side. Paint lid Limeade.

Load a large stencil brush with Snowflake.
Load large stencil brush with Snowflake and wipe until almost dry on a paper towel.

Dry brush Snowflake on the frame.
Dry brush Snowflake over entire surface and lid.

Paint the bottom edge Snowflake.
Paint the bottom edge of the cube and lid snowflake.

Paint horizontal stripes on the lid.

Tape off stripes on lid horizontally, paint stripes Aquamarine. Let dry and take off and paint vertical stripes, making the simple plaid pattern.

Stencil random flowers on the cube.
Stencil random flowers from the Floral Painting Stencil. Use Limeade for Aquamarine sides, and Aquamarine for the Limeade sides of the cube.

Stencil the large flower pattern on the lid.

Stencil the large petal flower in Snowflake on the lid.

Paint the wood ball Limeade, dry brush with Snowflake, and glue to the center of the lid. And that’s it! Put your favorite pictures with Dad in the cube and you’re ready to go!

2 Comments to “Make-It Monday: Photo Cube”

  1. great ideas! thanks for the comment! happy crafting!

  2. very cool! When I recd the email, I clicked to view and was surprised you have what I purchased from HobbyLobby a while back. I stained my cube, then stamped Texas longhorns onto it, then used Texture Magic and a brass stencil to create the shape of Texas atop the cube. Then I painted the Texas burnt orange. still must fill with photos…was thinking pens would be a good thing to store in it.
    If you made one with a beach/nautical theme, you could fill it with cotton balls and/or Q-tips!….or a kitchen theme for shorter whisks,etc.
    So many possibilities!

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