TGIF: You Mean the World to Me, Dad

You Mean the World to Me, Dad

Showing Dad that you care doesn’t have to be reserved for just one day. Remind Dad just how much he means you everyday with this whimsical sculpture designed by Julie Lewis. When the Dad smiles… the whole world smiles back. All good! Now let’s get started…

You’ll need the following for your personal happy globe:

Supplies for "You Mean the World to Me, Dad"

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
20528 Leaf Green
20223 Pool Blue
20741 Cloudless
20221 Kiwi
20576 Toffee
20778 Country Tan
20504 Black

Other Supplies: 3 brown chenille stems, 5” Styrofoam ball, 1 7/8” x 1 ¾” wood candlestick, Olive green felt, Glue, Scissors, # 4 round brush, ¼” flat brush, 1 ¾” foam spouncer, 2 – .5mm wiggle eyes

Spounce Pool Blue on the styrofoam.

Apply Pool Blue paint to ball with spouncer. Insert a paintbrush handle into the ball for a handle to hold when painting. Just remember when you’re painting the face that the hole is at the bottom.

Dry the globe on a stick.

Done! It takes 2-3 hours to dry but, you can hurry things along with a hair dryer. Just don’t overheat the Earth as it could start to melt. (hmmm..)

Paint the candle sticks.

Paint the candlestick with Cloudless, Kiwi, Toffee and Country Tan.

Cut a leaf from the pattern.

Leaf pattern.

Cut out 3 leaf patterns from your felt.

Cut a larger back piece.

Cut a larger back piece from remaining felt for each leaf.

Apply glue around the edges.

Apply glue around edge of leaf and press down over chenille stem and backing piece.

Trim the excess felt.

Trim away excess backing piece.

Paint the countries of the globe.

Take your round brush and a copy of the Earth’s continents. You can find it in a reference book or print one off the computer. Paint the land masses with Leaf Green. Refer to your map and keep in mind that they don’t have to be exact…also, make sure your stick is at the South Pole end of the globe.

Bundle your stems.

Bundle your stems and leaves at the heights that you want. Take one stem about 4” from top leaf and twist around the other two stems.

Save the excess stems to make arms.

You only need to wrap about 4 to 5” and cut off excess. Save the two excess stems and fashion two little loops at ends for the Earth’s hands.

Start a hole at the top of the earth.

Start a hole at the top of the globe with a paintbrush handle. Fill with a little bit of glue and insert leaves and stems.

Paint the face.

Paint face details with liner brush in Black.

Attach wiggle eyes.

The Earth is smiling at you, but can’t see you so attach wiggle eyes with glue.

Glue candle stick base to the earth.

Glue candlestick base to Styrofoam Earth.

Attach the arms.

Place a dot of glue on ends of chenille stem arms and insert into globe…

Voila! You mean the world, Dad!

The Earth is finished and happy! You can move his arms too, so have fun!

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