Make It Monday: Monogrammed Bowl

Ice Blue Metallic Monogrammed Bowl

Personalization is one of those timeless trends and when it’s combined with an oversized bowl and Plaid FolkArt’s new Metallic Ice Blue… Well now that is quite a statement! Plaid Designer Julie Lewis pulls together all those elements to make this stunning piece for your home. Personalize it! Make it yours! Or, with wedding season in full swing, this is a classic gift  for the happy couple. Here’s how to make it.

You will need:

FolkArt Colors

2588 Metallic Ice Blue
78 Lime Yellow
479 Pure Black
901 Wicker White
465 Sky Blue

Other supplies: Craft knife and cutting surface, tape, Acetate or Stencil Décor Blank 27753, Print out of monogram of choice – downloaded or created on computer (middle letter being at least 5 ½” wide), Stencil brush – ½”, Flat brush – ¼”, ½”, #1 Liner brush, large bowl – Julie got this one at IKEA.

Create your monogram stencil.

Place and tape printout of monogram under acetate and cut out with craft knife. With letters like “R”, “P”, “B”, “Q” and “O”, leave a small break or bridge between the inside area of the letter and the outside area of the acetate. You can go back and paint in the bridges after stenciling.

Completed stencil.

Here’s what it will look like.

Basecoat your bowl.

Take your oversized bowl and basecoat Wicker White. Basecoating will make the Metallic Ice Blue even more intense.

After two coats of Wicker White.

After two coats, here is what you’ll have.

Once dry, paint the bowl Iced Metallic Blue.

Now comes the fun part: apply the Metallic Ice Blue. It will also take about two coats.

Tape off area for your monogram.

When your bowl is completely dry, tape off an area based on the size of your monogram. My area is 8” wide.

Paint the taped off area Lime Yellow.

Paint your taped area Lime Yellow. Again, two coats are best…then remove your tape.

Paint the edge of the bowl.

Paint the rim edge of the bowl where your color field spills over Lime Yellow as well.

Stencil your monogram.

Now, on to the personalization! Center your stencil on the Lime Yellow field and stencil with Pure Black. You will have to gently hold parts of the stencil down to accommodate the slight cure of the bowl.

Touch up with a liner brush.

Ta da! Clean up and blurry lines and connect the bridges on your letters if needed with a liner brush. A liner brush is truly a crafter’s and artist’s best friend!

Paint the back of the bowl Pure Black.
Now flip your bowl and paint the back Pure Black.

Apply small dots in Blue Sky.

When totally dry, flip back over and apply small dots around the rim of the bowl. Use the opposite end of a paintbrush dipped in Sky Blue.

All done!

Finished, personalized, gorgeous and unique!

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