Long Beach Farmers’ Market and Craft Fair

by Holli Long

Long Beach Farmers' Market and Craft Fair

When I moved back to California a few months ago, I was excited to find some new craft fairs in the area to browse through for new crafters and ideas.  With all the moving in and setting up our new place, I hadn’t found the time, or the venue to do that until now.  Friday, I found myself at the Long Beach Farmers Market and Craft Fair, held every week, just down the road from my house!

A vegetable stand at the Long Beach Farmer's Market.

There were lots of booths set up for flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Get painted like the stars!

And places to get your picture drawn with the stars!

Face painting for the kiddies.

Face painting for the kiddies.

Personalized name plate/surfboard -- awesome!

And I loved this booth with the surfboards cut from MDF, painted and personalized while you wait.

Beautiful baubles.

Handmade jewelry.

Look at the colorful bows and dresses for little girls!

And several booths dedicated to girls’ dresses and hair bows!

Add some paint to really bring these hats to life.

I think these hats would have been great with a little Folk Art Fabric Paint, don’t you?

Everyone came out to see the street fair!

The street was alive with people and smells and sounds of music and laughter.  I really enjoyed myself.  And, if the mood hits me on a Friday afternoon, I’ll be back for more.  You never know what you’re going to find at a local or large craft fair near you.  It’s always a good idea to get your walking shoes on first, though!

I’ll be looking for more local craft events in the future and reporting back to you from here!

One Comment to “Long Beach Farmers’ Market and Craft Fair”

  1. looks like so much fun 🙂

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