TGIF: Say Cheers to the 4th!

by Holli Long

Wow 'em on July Fourth

After reading Chris Williams’ article on Painting Glassware 101, I was inspired to do these fun wine glasses for the Fourth of July.  These are super-easy and fun to do.  I used Folk Art Enamels paint, a Peel & Stick painting stencil from Plaid, a few spouncers, a medium round brush, a medium filbert, and  a toothpick to do it all!

I carefully washed and dried the glasses and then gathered my supplies.

Folk Art Enamels:

4001       Wicker White
4006       Engine Red
4025       Cobalt
4035       Clear Medium

Other Supplies

Simply Peel & Stick Stencil Fun alphabet 30454

Glass and Ceramics Brushes #8 round, #8 filbert, spouncers

Supplies for your 4th of July glasses
I use my paper grocery bags to line my work table with to keep my surface clean from paint.

Use the star stencil and Wicker White to spounce stars on the base of the glass.

These Peel & Stick painting stencils are easy to use over and over again to get an all over design for the bottom of the glasses.  I just applied the Wicker White with a spouncer through the stencil, removed the stencil and replaced it randomly over the bottom of the glass until I was happy with the result.

Spounce Cobalt on the bottom of the base.

When the stars were completely dry, I applied Cobalt over the entire bottom of the glass.  I let them all dry again and applied a second coat to be sure I didn’t miss any spots .

Paint the stems.

When the bottoms of the glasses were dry, and it was safe to turn them over, I applied Engine Red to two of the stems and Wicker White to the others.  I used a soft bristled brush made for glass painting for this step.  It took a couple of coats, as with the bottoms of the glasses, but the result is beautiful.

Stencil the bulb of the glass.

I applied the Oohs and Aahs to the glasses with the easy to use Peel & Stick Fun Alphabet painting stencil.  Just like the stars, these letters are so easy to stencil through, lift, and re-stick where you need them.  I thought these were really fun words to use for the Fourth of July since it’s the sounds we all make at the end of the evening when the fireworks finally start!

Get ready for fireworks!

I mixed an equal amount of the Engine Red color along with some Clear Medium to lay down the shadow of the fireworks I was going to put on the glasses.  Fireworks are hard to paint sometimes, and I thought this would be a simple way to lay down a foundation of color first to  make them look more realistic.

Brush on the fireworks.

Then, I simply brushed the muted color onto the glasses where I wanted the bursts of color to go.

Highlight the fireworks.

A quick dip of a toothpick into full strength paint made this really fun to paint!

I also added a cute image of a flower from the Peel & Stick stencil sheet that looked a little like a firework-burst in Cobalt mixed with the Clear Medium.  Then, where I thought the glass needed a little color, I dipped my filbert brush end into some Cobalt and added a few dots to each glass.

Remember to bake the glassware as instructed on the paint bottle label or follow Chris Williams’ easy to use directions in her article HERE.

Have a safe holiday!  And, make some of these fun glasses for your guests, I guarantee some “oohs and aahs” if you do!

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