Tuesday Huesday: 4th of July Fun

Flights of Fancy - Inspiration and Insightes from Betsywhite Stationary Boutique
The Forth of July conjures all kinds of images for people — picnics, fireworks and flags, to name a few. And while most will decorate with the traditional red, white and blue color scheme, there may be a few who march to the beat of their own drummer. Instead of completely tossing out tradition, how about tweeking it?

That’s where the fantastic blog Flights of Fancy inspired us. While they focus on color schemes for weddings, when we saw this motif our thought was “creative 4th of July!” You still have a nice, bold red, but the blue is softened and rather than white, we have gold and silver. Mix in a lighter, pinky red and you have a color palette that can take you from a bridesmaid luncheon to a 4th of July picnic without missing a beat.

4th of July Color Palette
We created this color palette using FolkArt Acrylic Colors Belle Blush, Aluminum, Christmas Red, Metallic Pure Gold and Light Periwinkle.

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