How to Have Your Own Crafty Book Club

by Candie Cooper

How to start a crafty book club.
Almost two years ago I started a “Crafty Book Club” at our local library.  If Oprah can do it, so can we, right?!  It’s a great way for fellow crafters to meet and unwind from the daily grind.  You can start your own Crafty Book Club too!  Here are a few tips and ideas to get the pages turning…

Choose a technique theme such as craft painting, decoupage, cross stitch, jewelry making, rubber stamping, the list could go on and on.

Pick out an easy project that uses the special technique.  The Plaid website has tons of free ideas that would be perfect Crafty Book Club projects.  We’ve made all sorts of things from seasonal crafts to pretty necklaces.  Check out our altered recipe book class where the aroma of Mod Podge filled the air!

Make a sample of the project one month ahead of time.  Put it on display at the library for all to adore and sign-up to make!  Depending on the craft, we limit sign ups to twenty or twenty-five people.

Select 3-6 books that are centered around this technique.  We prop the books up on easels next to the craft project.  After learning or trying a new technique, people love browsing the project books to see more ideas.

Set up materials in the order you’ll use them on the supply table.  This helps keep things organized.  Kits bagged ahead of time also works.

Recruit helpers.Find a leader to take people through the craft step by step.  I like to show a couple steps, then let folks work, show a few more steps…

Find some helpers!  Many libraries have volunteers you could recruit. If you’re lucky like me, my crafty momma, Jean, comes to help and Laura, the craftiest children’s librarian this side of the Mississippi is on board.  One person hangs out at the supply table and the other helps where needed.  We have a blast!

Depending on the craft, table coverings are important.  So are water buckets for brushes and paper towels for that matter.  Basically, anything that can keep your library’s multi-purpose room tidy!

Hair dryers.  Hair dryers. Hair dryers.  Because, watching paint dry really is a buzz kill.  We usually have three to four for paint projects and that helps to speed up the process time immensely.

Speaking of time, our classes meet once a month from August through May, running from 6:15-8:00 pm and that seems just about perfect.

Crafty Book Clubs can be for children or teens and adults.  You’ll find craft books geared for crafty kids of all ages because let’s face it….IT’S FUN TO MAKE STUFF!

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