TGIF: Rose Medallion Planter

Rose Medallion Planter

What happens when you pair vintage inspiration with a fresh new color palette? Not quite shabby but, definitely chic! This planter designed by Julie Lewis is a beautiful solution for many uses. One thing is for sure: you will certainly want to use it.

Here is all you need to complete this beautiful planter:

Supplies for the Rose Medallion Planter.

FolkArt Acrylic Colors

432 Sunflower
666 Metallic Antique Copper
741 Glazed Carrots
2491 Belle Blush
2547 Pink Melon
2549 Summer Peach
2558 Cinnamon
2560 Bark Brown
2573 French Vanilla
2576 Vivid Orange

Other supplies: 4 – 1 7/8” x 1 ¾” wood candlesticks, Wax stick or white candle, Med/Fine sanding block or sand paper, ¼”, ½”, 1” flat brush, #4 round brush, #1 Liner brush, Glue, Large Styrofoam cup, Ruler, Pencil, Wood planter box (found or new) 15” x 7” x 24”

Gather your supplies. Your found planter box does not need to be base coated white. This one just was.

Sand the planter.

Sand surface if needed.

Paint Cinamon.

Basecoat Cinnamon. Apply two coats if needed.

Paint the inside Dark Brown.

Paint inside Bark Brown.

Rub wax on the planter to create an aged look.

Rub wax stick or candle over surface of box like this.

Give the planter two coats of French Vanilla.

Now apply at least two coats of French Vanilla and let dry thoroughly.

Randomly sand to "distress" the planter.

Fun part! Take your sanding block or paper and sand randomly over surface. The paint will flake off where the wax is for a beautiful weathered finish. Make sure you do the edges as well. Take off a little or a lot!

Measure and find the center of the planter.

Measure and find center of your planter front. Trace the Styrofoam cup circle. Trace four more circles spaced evenly apart.

Fill the circles with Sunflower.

Fill circles with Sunflower so they look like this!

Flip the cup over and trace an inner circle.

Now flip cup over and trace the smaller end in the center of the larger circles.

Loosely paint in Summer Peach.

Loosely paint in Summer Peach. Paint going over the circle in a loose wavy pattern to create flower.

Use a liner brush to add rose details.

With liner brush, paint loose details around painted flower in Bark Brown.

Use the opposite end of the paint brush to add dots.

Using opposite end of brush dipped in Antique Copper, apply dots around each circle.

Paint candle sticks.

Paint candlesticks Bark Brown. When dry, paint bottom rim with Antique Copper.

Glue candle sticks to bottom of planter.
Apply glue to candlesticks and place in four corners underneath the planter box.

The finished product!

Finished! Super chic…not too shabby!

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