Make It Monday: Glitter Tulip Vase

Glitter TulipsThe friendly colors of these perennial blooms will immediately become favorites. Make them to brighten up your home, or as a fun house warming gift.

Here’s what you need to get started:

FolkArt Acrylic Colors

2850 Neon Pink
2852 Neon Orange
2853 neon Yellow
901 Wicker White
444 Patina

Apple Barrel Colors

20491 Neon Green
20226 Petunia Purple

FolkArt Extreme Glitter

2766 Neon Pink
2767 Neon Orange
2769 Neon Green
2796 Hologram

Other Supplies: Wood tulip shapes (or other flower shape) with hole in bottom, Wood dowels to fit hole, Styrofoam half ball, 1 ½” button, Metal vase/container, Black and white damask ribbon, Glue/hot glue gun, Scissors, scalloped pinking shears, Pencil, 1/8” hole punch, 2mm white foam, #1  liner brush, ½”, ¼” flat brush, Sandpaper/sanding block (if needed),

Sand shapes.

Sand shapes if needed.

Basecoat the shapes and dowels.

Basecoat shapes and dowels white.

Paint dowels Neon Green.

Paint dowels Neon Green and flowers the remaining colors (several coats, drying between coats).

Apply corresponding glitter colors to each flower.

Apply corresponding neon glitters to flowers and Hologram to purple and aqua flowers.

Glue styrofoam into container.

Glue Styrofoam into container.

Trace button on foam.

Trace button onto foam, cut out with scalloped pinking shears inside pencil line.

Punch a hole in the center of the foam.

Punch hole in center.

Make small cuts between the scallops.

Cut between scallops.

Glue flowers onto dowels and slide foam shapes onto the dowels.

Glue flowers onto dowels. Slide foam shapes onto dowels and secure with glue at base of flower.

Apply glue to the center back of your ribbon.

Apply glue to center back of ribbon, place around container and tie in bow.

Insert flowers in to styrofoam.

Insert flowers into Styrofoam with hot glue.

Cover Styrofoam with Spanish moss.

Cover Styrofoam with Spanish moss.

The finished product.

And you’re done! Easy!

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