Tuesday Huesday: Feminine with an Edge

Edgy Yet Feminine Bedroom from Traditional Home magazine
When I was a little kid my mom decorated my bedroom from top to bottom in pink. I hated it. I was too young to know it at the time, but when I look at pictures of the room as an adult, all I can think is “Pepto Bismal.” (In fact, my mom took a picture of me in pink overalls, holding a doll wearing a pink dress, standing in the middle of the pink room. The look on my face is crazed. I still tease Mom about it.) Had it not been the early ’80s and had my mom known about Traditional Home magazine back then, she might have designed a slightly cooler room for me, like the one shown here. The room includes all the traditional girly elements: pinks, toile, flowers and fancy pillows. But I would never walk into this room and think “Pepto.” I would probably walk in, smile, crank up the stereo and get comfy on that armchair.

Feminine Bedroom with an Edge Color Palette
We created this color palette using FolkArt Acrylic colors Vintage White, Ballet Pink, Graffiti Pink and Licorice.

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