My Secret Addiction

by Holli Long

I love catalogs!

I have a secret addiction.  There are only a few people who know about this secret of mine… until now.

I love catalogs!

I go through them over and over, pulling out pictures that catch my eye for all sorts of reasons.  I put the pictures in to piles, separate them by color, and study them.  I love to see the trends of color and design in them.  It makes me happy.

I peruse Ballard Designs, anything Pottery Barn, the Company Store, American Country, and Soul Flower.  I scour Blair, Terry’s Village, and this new one I found, CB2, that has some great color combinations.  To be honest, any catalog I can get my hands on is fair game for reference.  But every catalog is a chance to turn on that part of my brain that has the need to create something.

Catalogs offer so much inspiration!

I found a consistent color trend of sorts with these pages and went to work looking through my color chips of Folk Art Paint colors to find a bright, crisp palette that I can’t wait to do something summery with; new colors Moon Yellow, and Pink Melon, and some of my old favorites, Tangerine, Light Lavender, and Ocean Cruise.

A product and color palette from the Ballard Designs catalog that inspired me.

Not only did I find a great color palette out of these pages, but found inspiration in the Ballard Designs catalog using the nine canvas wall art picture there on the right of my color chips.  Come back on Friday to see the project I made from this inspiration.  For this palette, I chose: new colors Cinnamon, and Buttercup; Forest Moss, Sky Blue, and Battleship.  I love the soft colors here, don’t you?

Ballard Designs inspired color palette.

There is so much reference to find in new catalogs for fashion, home decor, and gifts.  Bedding catalogs have great patterns and color ways, also.  If you’re wondering how I gather these many catalogs, I’ll let you in on another secret of mine. is a great website where you can sign yourself up for many free catalogs on just about every subject imaginable.  I get an email every month or so from them with new catalogs to request and it pleases me.  After a few weeks, I receive a treasure of catalogs that keep me occupied for days!  So, grab some catalogs and start looking for what makes your creative brain fire up.  You’ll be surprised with what you find.  A little warning from me, though… it is addictive!

5 Comments to “My Secret Addiction”

  1. It’s good to know I’m not alone in this addiction! Thanks so much for your comments!

  2. Soooo glad I am not the only one addicted to catalogs! When I get my mail and find a new one…I am thrilled…simple pleasures are the best! Thanks for sharing the catalog site, I will be signing up asap! Have a super day and keep doing what you’re doing, I love it!

  3. Oh my husband thinks I am crazy because I hoard catalogs:-)

  4. I thought I was the only one who did this!!! So glad to hear about your addiction! ;D

  5. I love crafting magazines!

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