TGIF: Holli’s Ballard Inspired Wall Plaque

Tile Board featured in the Ballard Designs catalog.
I was recently looking through a Ballard Designs catalog and saw a great wall decoration.  What caught my eye was the soft color palette, which I immediately converted to Folk Art in my head!  So, I got out some Folk Art paint chips and started referencing colors and design and came up with this!

Supplies to create my own tile board.

I gathered my supplies, the Folk Art colors, a Plaid surface that’s a cute wood sign with nine squares set inside the wood frame, which, I thought, was a perfect match for the wall hanging I saw in the catalog, and a Peel & Stick painting stencil from Simply that had some great images on it to make patterns.

Basecoat the tile board and tiles.

I basecoated everything and set the wood squares in order as I wanted them in the frame.    Easy enough, right?

Determine stencil placement.

I also played a little with the stencils, and figured out where I wanted to place each image from the stencil.  This made things much easier when I started the actual painting of the project.

Side load the #10 flat brush with Cinnamon.

I dipped my #10 flat brush into water and side loaded into the Cinnamon color.  Then, I just followed the outside edge of the wood square and shaded the sides like this.

Basecoat the butterfly.

I used a very light touch with the stencil brush to basecoat the butterfly on the center square and lightly added the Cinnamon this way.

I also added a slight dry brushed edge to some of the squares on the outside edges and with an all over brushed effect on others, using Ivory White.

Use the Peel and Stick stencils to repeat patterns.

These Peel & Stick stencils make it very easy to make all over patterns with the smaller elements on the sheet.

Mark the halfway point on the frame to line up the stencils.

I used a ruler to mark the half way point of the outer edge of the frame so I could center the stencils I used on it.

Use an almost dry brush when you stencil.

I tried to make everything look soft by using an almost dry brush to stencil with.  I also shaded the images using this technique.  This way, I kept a continuous look throughout the project.  I love how it turned out, don’t you?

Use E6000 glue to keep the tiles in place on the board.

Finally, I used E6000 to place the wood squares back into the frame and let it dry for the day with a fan blowing on it to be sure everything stayed in place when it was hung on the wall.

Tile Board featured in the Ballard Designs catalog. Holli's version of the Ballard Designs tile board.

Here they are side-by-side. What do you think?

15 Responses to “TGIF: Holli’s Ballard Inspired Wall Plaque”

  1. Beautiful, you did such a great job, you make it look easy!

  2. Gorgeous! Not sure if I have the patience for that though :o)

  3. I like yours BETTER. Great Job!

  4. Your’s is the very best. Love it. Such talent.

  5. Am I able to post a comment? Hope so. This paint craft is excellent, I like it a lot! Great idea. Like yours better than theirs 🙂

  6. Love it! Where do I get the supplies?

  7. I like yours better too! I am also wondering where you got the tiles and frame, I’d love to make one. 🙂

  8. Honestly, I like yours better!

  9. I love them both. Would like to try it myself. Where did you find the box and tiles? You did a great job — I especially like the butterflies

  10. You did a great job, I really like it!!

  11. Yours is just beautiful!


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