Freelance Friday: Lamp Makovers

During the summertime months there are several projects that people decide to tackle. Many of those projects include performing makeovers within the home. I myself have been toying with the idea of doing a makeover on my bedroom, that is why this project from Laura Bray caught my attention. When I stumbled across this lamp shade she made over, I was so impressed. It is so cute, and I will definitely use it as inspiration for a lamp shade I will be working on. Laura used FolkArt acrylic paint to create this unique design. When it comes to interior decorating, it can become pricey very quickly. Knowing this, it just makes more sense to break out the craft supplies, and get creative! Thank you Laura for this amazing project. Can’t wait to get started on redoing my lamp shade. To learn step by step how Laura made this lamp shade please visit her blog, Katy Diddys. Have you performed a makeover on anything in your home lately? If so please tell us about it.

One Comment to “Freelance Friday: Lamp Makovers”

  1. Cute Lamp! Love the colors.

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