Make It Monday: Metallic Ice Blue Fruit

There is something about contrast that draws the eye and invites visual interest. And this piece fits the bill. There is something pleasing and surprising with the contrast between the ice blue fruit, and the worn crackled plate and pedestal. Easy to make and fun to create. Follow these easy steps from Plaid Designer, Julie Lewis.

To get started you will need these FolkArt paints and assorted supplies:

2588 Metallic Ice Blue

936 Barn Wood

901 Wicker White

424 Light Gray

476 Asphaltum

696 Crackle Medium

½” Flat brush

#1 Liner brush

Brown metal or wood pillar candle holder

5 assorted artificial fruits

Decorative edged wood plate

Gray green felt


E 6000

Begin by base coating your fruit with Wicker White. Several coats should do it…allow drying time between coats.

Here they are completed.

With your flat brush, apply the crackle medium to the pillar holder liberally. If you have a wooden holder, paint it with Asphaltum first, let dry then apply crackle. Let it dry thoroughly…that part is important.

To crackle…this is the exciting part….I love Plaid’s crackle medium! Load your brush liberally with Barn Wood and gently glide over crackled area. It will crackle before your eyes…it’s magic.

Here it is completely crackled…so cool!

Paint your fruit with Plaid’s cool new Metallic Ice Blue. It will take a couple of coats and dry with an awesome finish. Paint the stems with Asphaltum.

Like this…

Apply Barn Wood to both sides of your wood plate as your base coat….then apply crackle medium just like the candle holder. Again, let dry thoroughly.

Now apply Light Gray for your top coat to crackle


Take your liner brush and with Asphaltum, apply decorative lines around plate rim.

Now glue the plate to the pillar candle holder and let set up.

That part is finished.

Cut two leaf shapes from the green felt. Put a drop of glue at the base and pinch together.

Glue to the base of the stems of the pears like this.

Pretty cool….ice blue cool!

3 Comments to “Make It Monday: Metallic Ice Blue Fruit”

  1. Hi Gloria, We are so glad to know that you enjoyed this project created by Julie Lewis. Please note, however that the fruit used in this project was artificial fruit unlike your comment stating real fruit. When recreating this adorable project, please only use artificial fruit! Thanks for your comment. Enjoy!

  2. I didn’t know you could paint onto real fruit….but how exciting….will have to try this….thank you for sharing….I love the ice blue….I got to get it for sure…..

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