Tuesday Huesday: Summer Brunch

One of my favorite summer activities to do is, have brunch. Since I am here in Atlanta, brunch is always a very popular activity, especially in summer. People in Atlanta love to eat outside, and sip mimosas. I usually have brunch at least twice a month with my girlfriends. That is why this image from Traditional Home caught my attention. Now the brunches I attend have never had tables decorated as beautifully as this one, but a girl can dream right? I fell in love with the colors used to decorate this table. Set in a garden, this would be a wonderful place to have a summertime brunch. Now some could argue that the colors used here, are more spring than summer, but I will disagree because this palette is interchangeable within those seasons. These colors are calming, and make for a great backdrop to any space. I hope you are inspired by this table setting, to use this palette to bring a mixture of spring and summer into your home. Have you had brunch somewhere fabulous lately?

We created this color palette using FolkArt Acrylic colors, Tickled Pink #319, Seashell Pink #2485, Apple Orchard #2241, & Turners Yellow #679.

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