Make It Monday: Watermelon Tray

One of my favorite summertime treats is a nice piece of watermelon. It is healthy, and refreshing. This summer snack is perfect inspiration for a craft project. One of our designers, Kirsten Jones, made this great watermelon tray. To learn how to make this, follow the instructions below. What is one of your favorite summertime snacks?


FolkArt OUTDOOR Acrylic Colors in the colors : 1614 Engine Red, 1640 Licorice, 1626 Grass Green, 1625 Fresh Foliage 1610 Wicker White

#10 flat brush

#2 flat brush

#4 Round Brush

wood tray

recycled glass jar

red plaid ribbon

Follow the steps below:

  1. Paint edge of tray with Licorice let dry.
  2. Base coat tray as shown, mostly Red, 2” stripe on bottom with Grass Green and wavy stripe with Fresh Foliage, let dry.
  3. Add seeds as shown. Add checks with small flat brush
  4. Using photo as guide paint watermelon slice onto jar, let dry.
  5. Add ribbon and enjoy.

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