Dazzling Geodes: A Hot 2011 Jewelry Trend

When it comes to jewelry I normally always tend to go for the overstated pieces. I know you should have a balance of classic pieces with over the top pieces, but in my opinion when it comes to jewelry, bigger is better! This is why I am so loving Plaid’s line of Dazzling Geodes.  A hot trend in jewelry and fashion for that matter are, geodes.  Previously the artsy type was generally the crowd that you would see wearing this trend, but now geodes are mainstream. What I love most about this line from Plaid, are that these pieces have a great mixture of texture and sparkle.

The geodes come in a variety of different colors. Create a huge statement cocktail ring, or a necklace. All the pieces in this line make for easy assembly to anything you desire to create. Wondering where you can find this fabulous line? This line is in stores now. Check out your local Joann Fabrics to see the full line there.

One Comment to “Dazzling Geodes: A Hot 2011 Jewelry Trend”

  1. I have ever seen this type such type of glorious jewelry . This is nice blog for all jewelry lover .This design is unique

    form all other. This is glorious ….
    Jewelry from Israel

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