Month of Martha Giveaway. Enter Today!

To celebrate the release of the new Martha Stewart craft line, available at Michaels nationwide now, we here at Plaid are hosting a giveaway. But this is not just any giveaway, this is a Month of Martha Giveaway. Every week for a month, we will hold a giveaway, that will have a different prize from the new line up for grabs. Every Monday at noon we will announce a new giveaway prize, and announce the winners of that week’s prize on Friday afternoon.  This week’s giveaway is of the new Martha Stewart Gloss Spray Paint Kit. Martha Stewart Crafts™ High Gloss Finish Spray Paint Kit converts all Martha Stewart Crafts™ paint, except glitter paint, into aerosol paint.  The High Gloss Spray Medium is recommended for use with High Gloss, Metallic or Pearl Paints.  However, you can mix with other craft paints to alter the finish. We are giving away this amazing kit to 2 lucky Paint Me Plaid blog readers.

All you have to do is leave a comment below telling us what you would use this kit on? For extra entries (leave a separate comment for each):

Check out our sister blog, Plaid Kid’s Crafts, and let us know a project you find there that you think is cool

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The contest will end Friday September 2nd at 12 noon EST.

442 Responses to “Month of Martha Giveaway. Enter Today!”

  1. I would decorate the pillow on my sofa

  2. I am entering my first crafts show in November and it would really help me “step up” the quality of the crafts and paintings I am working on!

  3. Wow! This would be a terrific help. Right now I spend hours painting by brush and this would help me with my mailbox, wine glasses, planters, pots – anything imaginable that I would like to design using all types of paints for the background and finish. I have fallen in love with painting.

  4. I just visited Kids Crafts and love anything Mod Podge so the Breezy Summer Pendant really caught my eye~

  5. Hmmm, what wouldn’t I use this on?? I have so many knick knack projects on the go, I think this would come in super handy~

  6. I’ve got baby gifts to make!! This would be perfect for all the crafting I’ve got coming!

  7. I would use this to create interest on my lampshade

  8. Enter me, please! I absolutely have to try Martha Stewart products!

  9. I love painting,brush or spray not to worry at my home if it does’t move it gets painted,lol
    Holiday painting here i come ( my kitty better move off my craft table) metalic cat? i just got a new idea!!!
    Just kidding.. lol On Plaids Kids crafts the pumkins , my grands kids are going to have so much fun painting with the new line of Martha Stewart paint. Thanks!!

  10. This new technique would make painting my ‘faux’ headstones for Halloween sooo much easier…could really get some cool stone colors that you can’t with spray can paints….and they dissolve styrofoam as it is….

  11. I would spray lots of Fall items around the house. I love to spray paint. 🙂

  12. This is so neat and I would spray alot of fall items for around the house. I can’t wait to get to my Michael’s to see Martha’s display.

  13. I would use it to paint Halloween pumpkins!

  14. Just visited Plaid Kids Crafts and I love the stud pumpkin. I’m definitely putting that on my craft list.

  15. I’m following y’all on Facebook!

  16. I’m dying to try these spray paint finishes on some vases I got at Goodwill. This looks like amazing product!

  17. I would paint shadow portraits of my kids

  18. I already follow on facebook and on Plaid….I would love to try these paints on many different surfaces especially glass….I have always uses folk art paints but would love to try Marthas new paints…

  19. I have sooo many things I could do with this kit!

  20. I now follow plaid crafts on Twitter!!

  21. I would use the paint to recycle some older furniture for my daughter’s new house.

  22. Liked on FB and posted on the wall about the contest!

  23. i would love to try these with the painting class i teach

  24. i would use this in my princess sophia first birthday crafts!!

  25. I now follow you on Twitter

  26. I would love to use these on my canvas projects 🙂

  27. I already follow PLAID on Facebook.. its been so exciting watching the Martha Stewart line launch and see what everyone is doing with it.

  28. I would use this kit to make my garden trellises more beautimous!

  29. I am redoing my living room so I would use this to spiff up some accents such as picture frames and accessories. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  30. I Liked Plaid on Facebook.

  31. on Kids Craft Blog.. I LOVE Chalkboard Composition Notebook- My sister is a kindergarten teacher and this would be PERFECT for her!! I will get my little Kindergartner to help me out 🙂

  32. Follow @PlaidCrafts on Twitter — (my twitter id is Jkesseldesign)

  33. Like Plaid on Facebook and let us know you entered the giveaway — done and done 🙂

  34. I would love to have all the cool craft supplies … Martha crafts rocks and I see that I could make a lot of nice
    Christmas gifts with all that you are giving away …

  35. We just moved into a new house, and I am redecorating every room. I would use this on furniture for my kids’ rooms, and also while making new fall, and Christmas decor.

  36. This would work great on one of my trash to treasure projects!

  37. I would totally use this for fabric and stencils lol how 80’s would that be 😉

  38. I already “Like” Plaid on Facebook. =0)

  39. I can think of many uses for this kit on gourds!

  40. probably Christmas decor

  41. I’d use it on some jewelery pieces I’m making! Or any papercraft I’m working on! 🙂

  42. I follow on Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway

  43. Would Love to Win! I Love Martha’s products.

  44. Too many things to list! 🙂

  45. i would so use it on some furniture I am redoing!!! yes!!!

  46. I subscribe to your emails!

  47. I would do some Halloween crafting with the paints! A little change from the tons of Mod Podging I do!

  48. I would decorate Christmas ornaments

  49. I’m going to use the new stencils to dramatically increase the interest level on some photo frames! Genius.

  50. I visited the Plaid kids blog and my son would LOVE it if I made the car blocks set! He just loves cars!

  51. I would use this to spice up some frames for both of my son’s rooms!!!

  52. I would spray stencil designs on the cover of my daily planner

  53. Oooh – I’d use it on a sassy canvas Ipad bag with my die cuts as stencils!!

  54. I love all the ornaments using extreme glitter on the kid’s craft blog, looks easy to try with my niece.

  55. I really want to try this on glass, that is what is really attracting me to these paints that they can be used on so many different surfaces!

  56. I would paint gourds!!!! Gourd vases, vessels, and more…….. 🙂

  57. I would paint my headboard. Spraying would be perfect as it’s rather ornate and hand painting would take forever.

  58. I would spray the my desk accessories

  59. I am following PlaidCrafts on Twitter!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  60. I “liked” Plaid on Facebook 🙂

  61. I adore the Boo Letters for Halloween project! Anything crafty & DIY – I’m all over it 🙂

  62. I could use this kit for just about everything I have planned! Make Christmas ornaments, canvases for my daughter’s room to match her bedding. Anything sparkly – I LOVE!! 🙂

  63. o,, WOW,,, i paint gourds…i use so much of this paint to make my gourds beautiful,, { i may say so } lol,, i love this paint !!!! when i get done painting my santa;s and snowmen ,,and my gingerbread men ,,, i use this for that look that only this paint can do !!!! i would just LOVE to get this,,it would NOT go to waste !!!!!

  64. I would spray paint recycled components for Christmas tree ornaments. My daughter and I are making ornaments for teacher gifts this year.

  65. I wouldn’t know where to start first! Stenciling new throw pillows, updating the gallery wall frames or finishing out my sister’s baby girl nursery. I think I was in a craft coma checking out all the great new items..

  66. If it doesn’t move, i would probable paint it..warning to hubby and kitty-maybe those that didn’t move fast enough too! lol!

  67. I would paint domino necklaces

  68. I would paint designs on my iPhone

  69. I’ve seen it on “crash test dummies” who demonstrated them all and I’ve seen great ideas on the plaid crafts FB page. it would be really nice to win. so nice of you to have the giveaway. thanks for the inspiration.

  70. I would make a wind chime bird house like I just saw today.

  71. I love the fact that Martha Stewart and Plaid have combined resources….. I am in the process of moving into my own home studio paint room !!!!

    I can look around the studio and already see several projects that I could use the paint on. I am a firm believer in reusing things and there are a lot of reusable things in the studio.

  72. I made an elevated dog feeder. Would look great on that!

  73. I made an elevated dog feeder…I would use it on that!

  74. I think I would use the gloss spray paint kit to paint some picture frames. I’m making a family tree display for my living room and want all the frames to match.

  75. Trash to treasure project. Old 1940’s dresser project in the waiting…sounds good to me. 🙂

  76. I am anxious to try the paints on glass ball ornaments!

  77. Anything Martha is worth a look!

  78. I would paint a border around my walls

  79. I would paint coordinating designs on my bathroom accessories.

  80. I would use this paint for everything! mostly for decorating my vast array of upcycled fabric, but seriously the paossibilities are endless. I NEED to win this!

  81. I would paint some really cool wall art with the cool metallic color!

  82. I would paint my shower curtain

  83. I would paint coordinating designs on my small kitchen appliances.

  84. Wow! I love this new line! I would love the spray kit, I have bought already most of everything else! Thanks 🙂

  85. LOVE the idea of the composition notebook – how fun is that chalkboard paint!

  86. I liked Plaid on Facebook 🙂

  87. I would use the paint on a variety of projects … painting the kitchen table that needs to it badly, painting some fall craft projects … Love the fun spray painter and sparkly paint kit!

  88. I would use these to paint pumpkins for my fall display

  89. I would Play!

  90. Please enter me! I just designed a new Fall banner & badly need these products.

  91. Foolowing you on twitter = )

  92. Saw your post on Facebook…I would use it to stencil in my journal and canvas = )

  93. saw a post on facebook about this contest. Sounds great! I would use the kit to finish up several UFO’s that I really need to get completed and put in my booth at our local arts and gifts shop.

  94. Would love to try this with the metallic and pearl paint for my Angels wings!!!

  95. Following you on Twitter!

  96. Liked you on Facebook!

  97. The chalkboard composition book on the Plaid Kid’s Crafts is really cool!

  98. Oooh goodness I LOVE this kit…I’m not sure what I would use it on yet but I KNOW I would use it! 🙂

  99. I love the chalkboard composition notebook. I need to make one!

  100. I would use it to stencil a Halloween sign I can’t wait to make.

  101. Frames, ornaments, shelves, drawers, birdhouses, headbands…so much more. Great ideas!

  102. I would use this kit for all my Christmas gifts! Can never start to early.

  103. now i’m getting all the good ideas from the facebook page! Loving this giveaway such endless possibilities. Thanks!

  104. Liked on FB! =)

  105. following on Twitter! Thanks for the giveaway!

  106. i like you on facebook. i have an old dresser that NEEDS to be painted!

  107. like you on facebook!! i have an old dresser that NEEDS to be painted!!!!

  108. I would use the fabric paint to make more unnecessary things filling up my house 🙂 I WANT!!

  109. I am a fan on Facebook! Here’s to hoping I win!!!!

  110. I like the craft girls glittery chest on Plaids Kids Craft Page!!!!

  111. I liked Plaid Kids Crafts on facebook

  112. I would use it on crafts and home decor crafts!!!

  113. I like plaid on fb

  114. I would re- do some old furniture with some sweet spray paint and all the kit!

  115. I’m just starting Painting and projects. I Would LOVE to paint my nightstand in plaid….

  116. I would paint tshirts for the kids or canvas bags for gifts!

  117. I love the race car building blocks, what a cute and unique idea!

  118. I use spray paint on almost everything! I couldn’t even imagine being able to mix my own colors! I would probably start by painting my jewelry organizer.

  119. Frames for ornament projects

  120. I think I would use it on my daughters plain white bedroom furniture.

  121. I’ve been seeing this new Martha Stewart crafts line all over blogland and would love to try it. Lots of neat things have been made. I would love to use the spray paint kit to paint a small
    table or some picture frames. I’m sure I could find a million uses for it. 🙂


  122. I’ve “liked” Plaid on FB. Kimberly Davis “I’m so excited to check out the Martha Stewart paints, every one of the blogs I love has already been showing beautiful crafts off :)”

  123. Oh wow….I would use it on so many things, but I have a frame begging for this treatment!

  124. Oh my goodness, everything about the kids’ craft Halloween Glow in the Dark Cupcake is what my son and I are “into” right now!! Halloween decorations: yes! Cupcakes: yes! Glow in the dark paint: yes! Slightly scary but not too much: yes! I know what we’ll be doing tomorrow after school!!

  125. I have a wicker lingerie chest and a dresser with a mirror that I need to update. They look terrible–it’s been years since I spray-painted them black, and I didn’t know what I was doing back then. I try not to look at them too closely right now, lol, because I want to “fix” them so badly.

  126. I would paint frames and some furniture to coordinate my new living room!

  127. I would would paint my own greeting cards.

  128. My son would love the Race Car Building Blocks! He adores anything with wheels or wings these days.

  129. I liked Plaid crafts on FB! Sooo excited for Martha’s new line. I hope I win!!

  130. I would paint a mural on my wall.

  131. I love the building block cars and road, so cute! My little guy would love them!

  132. like plaid on FB

  133. paint frames

  134. I like Plaid Craft on Facebook

  135. The options are so many! First, I would use it to create personalized gifts for all the little babies in my life.

  136. I would use the Spray paint onEVERYTHING!! I have a spray paint fetish!! Seriously gave me chills up my spine when I found out you could make your own colors.. EEEEEEH! I am so excited! THANKS Martha!!! YAY!

  137. I would love to make the chalkboard notebook for my granddaughter.

  138. I have several projects that I have that I’m sure I could use the paint on like tables or frames.

  139. I would first use it on my art room cabinets. What a clever invention!!

  140. I could use this kit to redo a few tables that I have! Awesome!

  141. I follow Plaid on Twitter

  142. I would use the kit to finish my craft room!

  143. Love the race car building blocks…

  144. First I would use this on Christmas decorations and gifts, then I need to get started on my daughter’s wedding.

  145. I visited Plaid Kids crafts….My son and I Love the Make it Monday…Gone Fishing! Adorable!

  146. I have a ton of crafts to finish. I Love to paint on books, rolling pins, teapots, coffee pots etc….My 10 year old son loves to help me craft. This would help out and get me motivated!

  147. ooh these look awesome, i would use it to decorate on upcoming holiday crafts …..I love Martha

  148. I Liked Plaid Crafts on Facebook and left a comment.

  149. definitely on furniture!!! DEFINITELY! I am totally dying to try this line.

  150. And I’m a fan of yours on Facebook!

  151. I am very excitedbto trynthis new product .

  152. I’ve got some great Halloween projects in store for my readers, and I could absolutely use this paint in some of them!

  153. I love the chalkboard pot project for hair bows and accessories.

  154. I love the race car blocks!! What a great idea!!

  155. There are sooo many things I would use these paints on. Wooden letters for my daughter’s room, sprucing up old picture frames, painted signs.

  156. I liked Plaid Crafts on FB!! Found you from Tatertots & Jello!!

  157. I would totally use this on some picture frames, or some canvas art that I have been wanting to try. Love it!

  158. I am following plaid kids crafts on twitter.

  159. I am currently trying to finish my daughter’s big girl room and I could use this on so many projects for her room!

  160. I just told someone I was a “master dabbler”! I would love to dabble in some stencils for Christmas presents!

  161. I love the car blocks and road. I have some leftover locks that I think would work for this project. Such a cute idea.

  162. I would use this awesome paint system to spraypaint a chandelier for my daughters’ bedroom…I’m thinking glossy grass green or something really fab.

  163. Love these paints!

  164. Oh gosh! I am currently 8 months pregnant and have lots of projects left to finish my 2 1/2 year olds room and my little mans room.

  165. I am redecorating our bedroom and living room so there are a lot of frames that are needing to be spray painted! This would definitely come in handy. 🙂


  166. WOW !! That would make painting so much fun!!

  167. I am in the process of re-doing ALL of my boys’ (4 boys) bedrooms. I have lots of furniture and crafty projects, made of many different materials, that I would absolutely LOVE to have the opportunity to use this paint. I am new to the craft world and I am excited to try new things! Whoever wins this prize is a very lucky person!

  168. The race car blocks are pretty cool.

  169. I’m not sure what I would use it for at the moment, but we have always got fun projects going on and with the holidays coming up there is no telling what we will do.

  170. I would use this on so many things…the list is endless! What a great product!!!

  171. I just re-did my office/cookie decorating nook and have been looking for a creative way to finish the walls below my shelves and painting the door to use for a message/inspiration center.

  172. Love the race car building block set on Plaid’s Kid Crafts, I would so make those for my boys!

  173. I liked in FB.

  174. I liked you on Facebook 🙂

  175. I love the Cute for Spring Birdhouse on the plaid kids craft site….soooo adorable.

  176. I would paint pillow. Love everything in this new line .

  177. I would use it for my craft projects with my daughters and their GS troops

  178. I would make some great Halloween Decor for our house!!!

  179. I would love to repaint the front of my kitchen cabinets with some cute designs- they are plain old plywood with handles

  180. I like the fall apron project over at Plaid Craft Kid’s blog.

  181. I like Plaid on facebook too 8-))

  182. I would absolutely love to try her fabric paint!!! The ideas are endless!!! I could decorate my scrubs for work!!!!

  183. I paint alot of things and have a whole bunch of fall and Christmas projects to do. I would love to try Martha’s line.

  184. I’d love to try the spray paint kit out on a mirror I’d like to refinish for my entry way.

  185. With my husband being laid off several times in the last few years we have begun to make our Christmas presents which actually turned out a really good idea. I have finally decided on this years Christmas project with wood and glass and the spray paint feature would really help on the wood portion of this gift. Thank You for introducing Martha Stewarts new products to us.

  186. I am following Plaid Crafts on Twitter (Creativegator77)

  187. I “like” Plaid Crafts on Facebook.

  188. I just live for crafting! I’m about ready to start making my Christmas ornaments and I could really use some new supplies…hint, hint! 🙂

  189. Following on Twitter!

  190. Liked you on FB

  191. I wud love to start refinishing some furniture pieces with the amazingly beautiful colors on the Martha line with this handy new tool!

  192. I love the Chalkboard Composition Notebook, such a great idea for remembering homework!!

  193. I have a large old mirror living in my garage. I keep telling myself when I’m inspired with just the right idea I’ll revamp the frame. I think this new line may do the trick!

  194. There are so many things I could decorate with that. I think I would use it to get a jump on Christmas decorations. .

  195. I would use this kit on everything!! Pillows, tables, shoes, canisters, wall boards, the list goes on and on!!

  196. I love the dinosaur project from the kid’s crafts blog.

  197. wow, it seems like the possibilities are endless! my husband & i are about to move into a new house & i have tons of craft / home decor projects on my pinterest boards that i want to incorporate! i think this kit would help in a variety of projects

  198. i would use this on everything i made for our new house. i’m dying to make the house beautiful!!

  199. I will post again to see if it goes through….I am confused

  200. I will be dancing on cloud nine when I recieve this wonderful surprize….
    Thank You

  201. I would decorate on my daughter’s little table with cute designs.

  202. I would paint a floral canvas for my wall.

  203. Wow, not only would that help me base coat my gourd birdhouses, it would be great for all my gourd crafts, especially the larger ones that are a pain to base coat with a paintbrush.

  204. I would use it on some of my upcoming Halloween projects. I’d love to be able to make any color into spray paint!

  205. I have started many projects in years past & I have alot of unfinished ones to that I’ve retired I have the time, but would love to have your product s to help me finish each project such as painting on everything I can get my hands on..would love to see how it works & pass the news along to other crafters.Thank you for the opportunity.

  206. I have just started to get into crafting! So excited to start planning all of my projects! 🙂 Unfortunately, I currently live in Germany as my husband is in the military and they do not sell the Martha Stuart products around here. I would use this to stencil my pillows!! 🙂 I liked you on facebook! 🙂

  207. I would use this to spray Christmas ornaments

  208. This would be so great to have, as that pumper can can be used interchangeably,per watching you on TV introducing Martha’s line. I am curious to know how it can be indoor and outdoor yet be good on fabric,etc…sounds like a miracle item! I would use this on tons of my unfinished wood birdhouses…and a few wooden lamps,etc…could be used on paper mache,too, I imagine!

  209. I would paint designs on my shoes

  210. I would paint a matching set of plates, bowls, cups, glasses

  211. I like Plaid Crafts on Facebook!

  212. I would use this on EVERTHING!! Fall crafts…pictures for our newest addition’s room…..the list goes on and on! Thanks so much for the chance!

  213. Along with me using them in our New Craft room – my daughters are so excited to paint and get be all crafty!! so my kids would have HUGE smiles if I won this for them!!!!

  214. I am about to have my very own hue craft room and I have a STOCK PILE I tell you of STUFF to make GREAT!! I NEED this haha 🙂

  215. I’d use it on everything! Paper, wood, canvas…..

  216. Thinking of redoing some furniture and this would be helpful for intricate parts and to make my “new” furniture shine!

  217. I would use it in fixing up our new 5th wheel camper!!

  218. starting construction on my craft room, i can use this all over the room!!!

  219. LOVE the paint party where all of the guests had a hand at making art.

  220. I paint on all kinds of recyclable items like records, jars, light bulbs etcs. Any of these items would be very helpful

  221. So ready to try all of your new products. I have been at michaels a lot to look at all the new items. So fun. Thank you.

  222. I would love to win this!!!

  223. I’ll just say everything cause there are just to many craft projects to list!!! LOL

  224. My boys and I are going to make the Fall Leaf Suncatchers from the Plaid Kids blog!

  225. I would use it to brighten up my yard ……. the doors would look lovely painted, graffiti style in this.

  226. The Martha things would kick up all I do, from ATC’s to learning Acrylic Painting…Go Plaid-Go Martha!


  227. I would use the paints to create unique home decor. And then, I’d blog about it!

  228. i liked Plaid on facebook! can’t believe i didn’t already!

  229. i vistied Plaid kids and have to say with halloween coming, the stiffy ghost ornament and bat ornament are too cute!!

  230. i would definitely use this for some frames in my daughter’s room. SO amazing!

  231. I have some little thrift store items that I’d like to repaint and this would make it so much easier!

  232. I have a lot of outdated frames that I could use this on to update them!

  233. Thanks for a chance to win. I would use this on nearly everything from art journals, collage, greeting cards, furniture, and so on and so on.

  234. Wow! This sounds like a must have for my craft room. I would definately use it to stencil a decorative edge on my newly painted wall. Thanks for the chance to win.

  235. I would paint a set of glass table service – salt & pepper, sugar, creamer, etc. to match the boarder in my kitchen.

  236. I would personalize my wardrobe

  237. I am sooo excited about this new MS Paint Line. I have been gazing at it at Michaels and actually bought some of the satin finish. Cannot wait to try out this out! I will be using it a lot I’m sure

  238. I’m a sucker for Christmas, so I love the Christmas crafts at Plaid Kid’s Crafts.

  239. What wouldn’t I use it on?? Frames, grapevine wreaths, chandelier, small tables, crafts, wooden plaques, planters, jewelry … you name it! So I want it!

  240. Checked ou the Plaid Kids web site and bookmarked it for projects I can use for day camp. Love the Gone Foshing project! Totally cute.

  241. I am a day camp program director for Girl Scouts and every year I am looking for new ideas to do with the girls. I bet there are a number for things we could do with this: picture frames, keepsake boxes, etc. Would love to try this out!

  242. I would use the paint on canvas and make new wall art, I would also use the paints to make Christmas ornaments, I would add the mettallic spray to a couple of shelves on the wall, repurpose some old plates to hang on the wall, use the paint to design old picture frames, spray a plate holder, spray paint tins organizer, repaint a lamps, paint a storage book and my list will go on and on.


  243. I would love to use this kit to help with decorating treasure boxes for my kids! What a great, fun product!!

  244. Secondly I would use it on some old jars to put candles in and hang on my back porch for mood lighting…..thank you for the chance…

  245. First I would use it on some old buckets to turn into planters…

  246. I would paint some old thrift store frames…oh, and an old shelf and and old thrift store mirror…

  247. I have some old thrift store frames that I would paint…oh, and some fabric//oh, and an old mirror…

  248. I already “Like” Plaid on Facebook and let you know I entered the giveaway, there!!

  249. On your sister blog, Plaid Kid’s Crafts, I enjoyed the Back to school craft Ideas! I thought using the cookie cutter to make a star on the apple was very cute!

  250. I have picture frames waiting to be painted, along with some shadow boxes for Christmas!! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  251. I would paint fabric as well as anything else that wasnt tied down!

  252. …i also like paint me plaid on facebook!

  253. i would use this first on the wood pieces i use in my artwork…and then will probably end up using it in most of my work! 🙂

  254. Ahhh this is amazing!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on these I’ll start on the wood shelves & frames I just got from the thrift store. :)))))

  255. my little girl has the total art/crafting gift. She’s needing a big girl update from the preschool/k to 2nd grade age. I also want to put some personal touches in our other “needs-updating” rooms. I am doing a copper/patina color theme in the bathroom downstairs and would LOVE to use the metallics and sprayers to glam up our purchased-with-house-yellowy/white walls.

  256. How cool! I just opened my 2nd handmade shop on Etsy and there are numerous things for which I could use these! I’m wanting to start creating my own mixed media ACEO’s with polymer clay and paint, the paint would be very fun to try out 🙂


  257. I have some old frames that I want to paint fun colors.

  258. I would use this on many things! Signs I am making for Christmas,birdhouses,furniture!

  259. I would you use it on our team’s ACS fundraiser posters – can you imagine all the “eye popping” signs we could create??? AWESOME!

  260. If I won this paint I would use it to start my own business an show my children dreams do come true with hard work love and dedication.

  261. WOW – It looks great and I cannot wait to try it… I think it would work great for bigger projects…

  262. ceramic pots

  263. picture frames

  264. Glass Vases

  265. I have some mini cutting boards that I wanted to decorate…and a ton of Plaid paints…with those sprayers…I would be
    set…thanks for the posts!!

  266. I would love to try it on big pieces..and maybe some wood items with hard to paint pieces… It looks fun..

  267. Walls, scrapbook pages, picture frames….the possibilities are endless!!

  268. greetinigs from maryland! i would try doing some refinishing projects: old frames, old cigar boxes..and reinvent them into something new and beautiful!

  269. Love crafting. I have a piece of furniture that needs a coat of paint so it can be used in my craft room!

  270. I would use it on EVERYTHING. Seriously, I have a spray painting problem! But, right now I need to paint some wooden easels that hold some picture frames.

  271. I would use it on the many terra cota pots I have been crafting so that I can pot the plethora of spider plant babies I have.

  272. Wow! Great giveaway . . . I would use the kit on the cabinet doors I am recycling into art. Would be fun to use with all the pretty colors. I stopped into Michaels. Martha has a really nice collection of colors!

  273. I already like Plaid on FB, but left a comment!

  274. I like the creative notebook on the Plaid kid’s crafts site.

  275. I would probably be starting on Halloween projects – also have a small shelve I’m redoing and I would love to try it on this.

  276. I would love to try it on a big project as I think it would be faster than painting with a brush… Maybe even a frame or some projects with hard to paint cuts..

  277. I would love to try it on big project.. I would bet it goes on easier than a brush… Maybe even try it on some frames. What a great idea

  278. I love spray paints and these look like they would work even in altered books.

  279. I would love to use this to paint an antique table to give it a fresh new look.

  280. I would use this to paint a bunch of jars white and orange (eventually decorated to be jack-o-lanterns and ghosts) for halloween. It would be a lot faster than painting the jars with a brush, that’s for sure.

  281. i would use the glitter paint cause their pretty =]

  282. I love to paint birdhouse gourds…, how handy this would be, and the coverage would look alot better than when paint is brushed on the gourds.

  283. I have a mail box, night stand, shelves and wood projects I would love to try Martha’s new paints on! The possibilities are endless for use of her new paints!

  284. Well, I certainly think it could be used with outdoor paints. I’m doing some cement blocks for a pathway and would like to try it on those.

  285. Lovin’ those dorm decor boxes on Plaid Kids’ Crafts.

  286. Wondering if the kit could be used to stencil large pieces of fabric for curtains, tablecloths etc.–would love to try.

  287. I would love to use the spray paint kit on all sorts of wood projects. Would make it so much easier.

  288. I like Plaid on FB.

  289. Love all of Plaid products and ideas.

  290. It would make great placemats, and so many other things.

  291. I would love the entire supply of craft products shown on GiveAway picture….being home bound due to a Stroke…I can use my hands…most of all using my mind for creativeity…helps keep my mind sharp…also personally VERY HAPPY.
    Being on a fixed income …Winning this Give Away…..would be a Blessing…
    Thank You

  292. Plaid Folk Art Paint is the best product around. I’m interested to try the MS product to see how it compares.

  293. Love the cover idea for the student planners.

  294. I like Plaid Crafts on FB

  295. I would use this on wreath’s, picture frames, jars, etc……….

  296. Would love a chance to win. Very excited about this new Line of paints.. I plan on using it on some decorative items.

  297. I follow Plaid on Twitter

  298. I like plaid on Facebook

  299. I would use this kit to make Christmas gifts.

  300. Liked on Facebook and following the sister blog.

    I love the Dinosaur Popsicle Stick Puzzle Project, it’s a wonderful idea with endless possibilities! I will be making my son Star Wars stick puzzles!

  301. I think I shared you on Twitter. Not real swift with that. I did share on my FB page.

  302. The dinosaur planter is so cute.

  303. this kit would be great for making my pumpkin luminaries out of 2L soda bottles:)

  304. I already “liked” Plaid on FB.

  305. I would use this kit as part of a christmas gift, I love giving homemade gifts with store bought gifts.

  306. I would have no problem using this kit on my Halloween projects!! LOVE!

  307. I already like Plaid Crafts on FB! I would love to enter this giveaway!

  308. I also have a plate rack in serious need of a coat of paint 🙂

  309. I have some Halloween candy jars that I want to decorate using this paint sprayer.

  310. I now follower you on twitter 🙂

  311. I think this product would be fun to use in my journals.

  312. already follow you on twitter

  313. I have been a fan on facebook for awhile! 🙂

  314. I am a lover of crafts..I follow plaids and would love to try these give-aways..

  315. I love the student planner on the plaid website. I think that would be fun to do with both of my middle schoolers!

  316. I am working on many different organizational items for my desk…I could use this kit on several of those projects!

  317. I am in the process of remodeling my basement – my kids are all into music and art and want to make each wall different – this would be great to help me stencil in my own music designs along with my son’s cartoon characters he makes of our family! one wall is going to be chalk board paint – so they can write their songs and art as they come up with it!

  318. I love Martha Stewart products! I can’t wait to try some of her new paints. Thanks for the giveaway!

  319. These would be great to add to my craft selection!

  320. I’m redoing my house room by room and adding small handmade projects all around in each room – this would be a perfect way to try the new products and jazz up my abode!

  321. I’m excited to make a sunburst mirror and jewelry…

  322. I have many redecorating projects that I’m wanting to accomplish. I have a granddaughter & it would be fun to create seasonal projects for her

  323. i follow plaid crafts on twitter

  324. I have several pieces of small decorative furniture that needs an uplift, I am sure I can make them almost new again, with some spray paint

  325. I like the little fishy activity for kids, for my sons 1st bday it was a fish theme :]

  326. Love Love Love Mummy Pumpkin on Plaid Kid Crafts for Halloween.

  327. I have many redecorating projects that I’m wanting to accomplish. They could be used on many different craft projects. I now have a granddaughter & it would be fun to create seasonal & holiday projects for her.

  328. Love Martha Stewart products, great giveaway! Hope I win posted this on my facebook page!

  329. I would use the kit for painting ornaments, making ornaments, making cards, and general crafts. I do all types of crafts, and love the Martha Stewart ones.

  330. Would love to use it to spray some Halloween decorations.

  331. I would use it on a mixed media project and make a video about it on you tube… Wow! sounds like fun..

  332. I have all kinds of things I could use this on, old windows, tables, picture frames, the list goes on and on :]

  333. I love Bling, so metallic paints are perfect for me and my students. Holidays are approaching and I would love to
    introduce this easy method in my classes.

  334. oh how nice! I can totally use this to make some nice frames for my boys room! Love it!

  335. Now following you on Twitter!

  336. Oh my….I’m sure I could come up with something to use it with. Maybe do some painting on bird feeders and bird houses for the mountain house.

  337. Would LOVE to try this on some of our ceramic pieces (fired AND non-fired)!

  338. I would use this kit for a birdhouse I’d like to start and finish…thanks

  339. What would I try this on? I paint, do mixed media, collage and assemblage. I’d say I’d just it on just about anything!

  340. I think I’d use it on my birdhouses and picture frames and stained glass window frames and probably a lot more

  341. This would be perfect for a clock I have sitting in my studio waiting to be reworked! It would also be great for my art dolls!

  342. I’d love love love to try this out!

  343. I have two wood birdhouses I’ve been waiting to paint. Then, I have a wood tray that is begging for Martha’s new paints.

  344. I have collected so many potential painting surfaces and really would appreciate an easy method of painting a base coat on these items. Of course there are many spray paints out there, but the idea of being able to spray paint on a project in the exact shade of color I want is fantastic! Looking forward to these new products!

  345. I would use this on some photo fridge magnets that I make. This product would would reduce the time it takes to paint. I will have to try this, even if I don’t win!


  347. Wow, so many things I can think of. My daughter has wanted me to redo her room. This would be great for stenciling her walls and updating her furniture. So many things…

  348. Hmmmm…..interesting! I can see it for my stencils, wood projects, heck, like Ellen Lord said “I think I could use this on nearly all my crafts, except for my knitting and crocheting!!” and you know what????? Maybe even on those items!!! HAHAHAHA!

  349. I have a frame I neet to paint. I would love to try this out.

  350. I also plan on re vamping my rusty old mailbox with these. I may also use them when i redo my mud room to stencil on the shelves and walls!

  351. I saw the full line at Michaels and I am in love with it!

  352. We would spray paint a serving tray that’s in bad shape

  353. I will be using these for my holiday crafts!

  354. Right now, I have several picture frames and shelves that I need to paint. I buy lots of great stuff at Goodwill and give it a makeover, and this would be perfect to do that with!

  355. I have some birdhouses I would love to change the color of!!

  356. I followed you on Twitter!

  357. This would be so great! I would use it on birdhouses, just like in the picture!!

  358. OMG !!! The possibliliteies are endless, like all MS Crafts !!! LOVE THEM !!!!

  359. I’m anxious to spray fabric…have a deck chair with a cover that greatly needs a pick-me-up.

  360. I’m anxious to use spray paint on fabric…have a deck chair with an ugly print that really needs a ‘pick-me-up.’

  361. i found a junky ol chair, with good sturdy bones, quirky ackward size, lattace back, funky arms and a faux leather seat, this kit would give lots or creative options to turn it into a real treasure! xoxx

  362. Oh so many things to paint!!!! If it doesn’t stand still I can spray paint it!!!

  363. i found this old junky chair, with good sturdy bones, lattace back, and faux leather seat, funky arms that curve and this kit would give me many creative options to turn this into a real treasure! xox

  364. I Follow @PlaidCrafts on Twitter as @itsallnew2me
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  365. I Like Plaid on Facebook and let you know there that I entered the giveaway
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  366. I have some frames I want to paint and many things in my scrap room I like to paint too:) . Many projects I nerf to paint stil!

    ~ Vanessa W

  367. Already like y’all on FB

  368. Spray Paint – Everyone needs spray paint. My kids and I plan on making pine cone ornaments this year and this would add a little extra to the pine cones.

  369. I think I would try it on glass. Using Martha’s adhesive stencils, I need to do cases at a time. I think it would be a great time saver. Have also bought Martha’s adhesive roll at Michael’s last week!

  370. I would use it on anything and everything I could get my hands on! My daughters and I paint all the time, this would be perfect!!

  371. I would use this great new product to convert my acrylic paints and use on my seasonal mail boxes that I paint scenerys onto. This would work great on my stenciled areas for layered scenes, thanks
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  372. Spray Paint everyone needs spray paint! I am going to make pine cone ornaments with my kids this year this would be a fun addition to our pine cones!

  373. I follow you on Twitter @jengd1

  374. I really like the popsicle stick Santa

  375. I’d like to try painting craft pumpkins and Christmas ornaments.

  376. I love paint. I would paint a chair (which I have many up in the rafters) a shabby chic green.

  377. I would paint my tiny metal washtubs in a variety of colors and make paper pinwheels to match and plant them in the little tubs as gifts!

  378. Oh how fun! I’d use this on anything I’d get my hands on that is paintable lol.

  379. I have so many paints…years of crafting – (all plaid products of course!!) …am repainting ALL my photo frames to white…and this will make the project to much easier!

  380. I love the One Eyed Monster pot on Plaid Kid’s Crafts. I’m making a whole set to hold our Halloween candy this year.

  381. I LIKE Plaid on Facebook.

  382. I just love this idea. No more need for smelly, finicky spray paint cans. I’d totally use this for some distressing projects on my to do list.

  383. I would love to try this on my old metal watering can bring it back to life

  384. I have a galvanized metal vase on my front porch that could use painting. It needs a new color. I would love to try this.

  385. I would use this kit to paint the frames I’ll be using to hold table numbers at my wedding next year.

  386. WELL, I would try to use it on …everything! I art journal and LOVE stenciling … oh, I so want this whole line of MS things!

  387. I couldn’t pin point one exact thing I would use this on, but If I ever needed to paint a craft or project I would probably use it for that!

  388. I would use this kit for EVERYTHING!! I am in the process of redecorating basically everything I own.

  389. Following on Twitter.

  390. Done, liked Plaid Crafts page.

  391. I do believe I could use these paints on my gourds!

  392. Plaid’s Kids Crafts – Monday Gone Fishing! Too, too cute.

  393. I have some gourds that I need this very tool for painting with, Way too hard to paint them by hand. This would give a wonderful finish.

  394. I would use it on all the craft projects I could!

  395. Already a fan of Plaid Crafts on FB!

  396. Spray paint & metallic mix? I need this!! A square planter that is spray painted black glossy, and that’s it. Please enter me!

  397. Oh My Lanta!! I love you for this opportunity. Moving into a new apartment soon and would love to spruce up old furniture and create new pieces for our new space. Thanks Again!!!

  398. I think this is such a neat idea as there are so many fun colors. Just for a few projects – picture frames, birdhouses, toy box.

  399. Liked on FB and posted on the wall about the contest!

  400. I ADORE the Bat Ornament Project:
    AND I could use the craft spray painter to do it!

  401. I would use the Sparkly Metallic Spray Paint Kit to finish up some Shelving I am making for my craft room! Then I would make some frames and spray those too! Oh the possibilities are endless!!

  402. i think i could use this on nearly all my crafts, except for my kniting and crocheting!!lol!


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