Teaching Thursdays: Fall Inspired Gallery Glass Container

After the summer we’ve experienced here in the south…I would venture to guess that everyone is anxiously awaiting fall…and all the good things that come with it. I wanted to get a little inspired by the thought of decorating for fall in the hopes that Mother Nature might take a little hint. I wanted something quick, easy and functional, as well as utilizing the great look of stained glass with a twist. Only one product for that and it’s Gallery Glass®! I hope the following tutorial will inspire you, too!

Here is what you’ll need:

Gallery Glass® Window Color™ – 16020 Amber, 16022 Clear Frost, 16636 Autumn, 17051 Light Green

Gallery Glass® Liquid Leading™ – 16025

Gallery Glass® Leading Blanks – 16051

Palette knife

Ultra fine point black marker



Light green gros grain ribbon


Craft knife

½” stencil brush

Glass jar with lid

Gather your supplies before getting started. Remember that your window color and lead lines will need overnight to dry…so plan accordingly. Also print out your pattern…size it to fit whatever jar you find to use.

Spread your window color onto a leading blank with palette knife.

Create multiple lead lines on another leading blank….let lines and color dry overnight.

Tape off the top and bottom sections of glass jar.

Apply frost with stencil brush to top and bottom of jar. Apply second coat if desired. Remove tape.

Place pattern under leading blank behind appropriate colors and cut out with craft knife. Set aside.

Cut length of lead line referring to pattern….

And place on jar to begin design.

Carefully peel up cut pieces from leading blank and place on jar referring to pattern.

Cut and place pieces of lead lines to connect acorns to main branch.

Then add small strips to create branch…

Like this!

Create a tape tip on leading bottle.

Place a dab of leading where lead lines join to seal.

Draw details onto acorns gently with marker.

Finished acorns!

Glue a length of ribbon around top of jar, tie a bow and glue.

Your finished, fall inspired, functional jar!

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