Teaching Thurdsays: Elegant Halloween Plaque

One of the biggest trends for Halloween this year is, Elegant Halloween. I love this elegant wall plaque Holli Long created. To me it is very Twilight-esque. A great project for teens and adults. Not only is it right on trend, it is a project that can be created anytime of year. To see more work from Holli check out her blog, Every Day’s A Holli Day. Enjoy!

I painted the plaque Lipstick Red with Licorice border.  I also painted the back Licorice, to finish the project off.

I used the #12 flat brush to brush Black Extreme Glitter over the entire surface of the Black Lace card-stock.  I let it dry between coats and added a total of three light coats of the Extreme Glitter.  I set this aside for later!

I used wire cutters to cut a rose from an old bouquet of fake flowers I had in my craft room.  I also cut quite a few leaves and set these aside for painting and glittering.

I painted the leaves Silver Sterling.  It took a couple of coats to cover, but the paint worked well on these leaves.  I painted both sides of the leaves, then let them dry completely before painting them with three light coats of the Silver Extreme Glitter.

I didn’t have to paint the rose, as it’s red color matched quite well with the Extreme Glitter I was going to use on it.  I worked slowly on this rose, painting a few petals with the glitter and letting them dry completely before painting a few more.  If you work to quickly with this, you will end up with petals that stick together as they dry.  It’s worth the time it takes, believe me.  You’ll have a beautiful, glittery rose at the end!

I also added the Red Extreme Glitter to the top of the plaque, and the Black to the outer edge.  Again, three light coats, and you’ll have a beautiful finish!

When everything was dry, I placed the Black Lace cardstock over the plaque and rubbed over the paper where it needed to be cut at the edge of the plaque.  I then carefully cut the paper to fit the plaque.

With the large flat brush, I used Mod Podge Gloss to attach the paper to the plaque.  This gives the plaque a very glossy, glittery look when dry!

I attached a silver cross to the center of the black chain so it would hang from the plaque.  I attached the chain to the plaque with hot glue.

Then I attached the rose and leaves over the chain to hide the hot glue lumps.  As you can see, I’m using my Hot Glue Gun Helper here, such a great tool!  No burned fingers…gotta love it!

And, here it is!  All finished and ready for a hanger on the back so I can hang it up for Halloween!  Loving this Elegant Halloween trend.

Elegant Halloween Plaque Supplies

Folk Art® Acrylic Colors:  #437 Lipstick Red, #938 Licorice, #662 Metallic Silver Sterling

Folk Art® Extreme Glitter: #2787 Silver, # 2792 Red, #2797 Black

Gloss Mod Podge

Walnut Hollow® French Provincial Sign 8″ x 13.5″

Black Lace Card-stock

Jewelry Essentials cross findings

Black Chain

large flat brush, #12 flat brush, wire cutters, hot glue gun

One Comment to “Teaching Thurdsays: Elegant Halloween Plaque”

  1. That’s a striking project – red and black work so well together!

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