Are You A Craft Vlogger?

Are you a crafter that enjoys vlogging? In case you are unfamiliar with the term vlogging, it is simply a form of blogging that primarily takes place using a video camera. Perhaps, you have your own craft how to channel on YouTube. If so we would love to hear from you. Plaid is currently looking to connect online with other craft vloggers. We love making our own craft how to videos, but we would also love to find other crafters out there that are creating great craft videos. If you are a craft vlogger please shoot us an email with a link to your YouTube channel, or website where we can see you in action. Who knows we may want to partner with some of you in the near future to do a product review, host a giveaway, or just feature your video on one of our popular craft blogs. Can’t wait to hear from you. Happy vlogging!

If you are a craft vlogger please email us at,

One Comment to “Are You A Craft Vlogger?”

  1. I do product reviews..but do not have a you tube yet..

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