Teaching Thursdays: Drab to Fabulous Clock Makeover

A dramatic face-lift for a drab thrift store clock is as easy as a few hours, some paint, glitter and lots of bling! Adapt your palette to your décor, or the face of the clock. Just have fun and make some drab clock fabulous!

Gather your supplies.

Place a strip of tape along edge of clock face and indent with thumb.

Use craft knife to trim away excess.

Cover the rest of the face with tape and any other details you don’t want painted.

Dip your sponge in a metallic cover and dab over exposed areas of clock…

Like this….

Apply second and third color in same manner to clock and base. Let dry.

Using liner brush, begin strokes with Licorice to create flowers…

Create a cross shape and then fill in between petals to finish flower…

Like this…paint wherever you wish flowers to be.

Here is what my clock looks like now.

Add dots around frame of clock face using opposite end of paintbrush dipped in Licorice. Start with 12, 3, 6 and 9…..

Then fill in between.

Apply black Extreme Glitter with brush to petals and dots. Apply as many coats as desired.

Let dry until clear and glittery!

Remove tape.

Apply your adhesive backed jewels where desired.

Use tweezers if needed to apply tiny jewels.

Drab to fab-ulous! Metallic and glitter…the perfect combo…

Here is what Plaid Designer, Julie Lewis used to decorate this little clock:

FolkArt® Acrylic Paint – 938 Licorice

FolkArt® Metallic Paint – 660 Pure Gold, 664 Copper, 671 Peridot

FolkArt® Extreme Glitter™ – 2797 Black

Sea sponge

#1 Liner brush


Craft knife

Adhesive backed jewels

Thrift store plastic clock

Foam plate


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