Watch HSN To See The New Martha Stewart Paint Line and Hot Glue Gun Helpers

A few months ago the Martha Stewart Craft line debuted on HSN, and guess what it is back again! If you missed a chance to see the new line on HSN, your in luck. It will air again on September 26th at 1pm EST. Also be sure not to change the channel, because later on that day Cathie Filian will be on HSN to talk all about the amazing Hot Glue Gun Helpers at 3pm EST. Last time the glue gun helpers were on, were sold out in 7 minutes! Cathie will be showing these off at 5am EST and 3pm EST, also she will be demonstrating the Peel and Stick Stencil and Paint kit –only during the first show at 5am.

After you watch on HSN be sure to leave us a comment on our blog or Facebook page to let us know your thoughts. For additional information on the new line from Martha Stewart click here, and click here to get additional information on the hot glue gun helpers.

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