Make it Monday: Elegant Halloween Wreath Decor

Project created by Julie Lewis

Halloween has always been a favorite and fun holiday. It’s not just for kids anymore and Halloween crafting and décor is fast becoming a seriously hot trend. Pairing elegant with Halloween takes crafting in a new direction and this hanging wreath shows what levels you can go to.

Here is what you’ll need:

FolkArt® Acrylic Paint – 479 Pure Black, 660 Pure Gold, 741 Glazed Carrots, 2577 Toasted Vanilla

FolkArt® Extreme Glitter™ – 2786 Gold, 2793 Orange, 2797 Black

FolkArt® Crackle Medium – 696

Wood bird cut out, 3” wood disk, 14” paper Mache or wood wreath, Black feathers, Glue, #1 Liner brush, ½” Flat brush,

Pencil, Black/Cream damask ribbon, Wire, Scissors, Antique gold purse/drapery ring, a Ruler

Gather your supplies…

Basecoat your wreath and bird with Pure Black.

Let dry thoroughly.

Generously apply Crackle Medium to wreath in a slip slap motion.

This is what it will look like when completely covered. Set aside to dry while you go on to something else. It should lose its shiny appearance when dry.

Apply Black Exteme Glitter to bird. Let dry between coats and apply as many coats as desired for maximum glitter.

Paint your wood disk with Glazed Carrots and when dry, apply Orange Extreme Glitter. Extreme Glitter is awesome anytime but, it’s especially awesome for Halloween!

Now let’s crackle! It’s no secret that I love crackle so I have to use it again here. Apply Toasted Vanilla in the same slip slap motion all over the wreath.

Try not to overlap where you started as it will already have crackled by the time you get around the wreath. It’s so cool to watch!

Ta da!

Paint the inner and outer lip with Pure Gold.

Now apply the Gold Extreme Glitter.

Rub your pencil over the back of your flying witch pattern.

Trace onto your glittered disk. Press hard as the surface will be slightly rough.

It will be slightly hard to see but, there will be enough to go by.

Paint your witch with a liner brush in Pure Black. Keep your pattern handy to refer to if any parts are too hard to read.

Paint a few starburst shapes and you are done with the moon!

Paint accent lines on crow with liner brush. Create eye by using opposite end of brush dipped in paint.

Starting at sixteen inches, cut lengths of ribbon descending in size to about nine inches.

Fold each length in on itself and glue at the center.

When all your loops are glued, stack them and tie in center with wire.

Fan the loops out to create bow.

Glue a small piece of ribbon around center to hide wire.

Cut two lengths of ribbon and glue back to back for hanger.

Glue feathers to bottom end of wreath.

Glue bird and moon in place.

Glue bow and hanger ribbon in place.

Thread ring through loose end of hanger and secure at desired length.

Originally elegant!

One Comment to “Make it Monday: Elegant Halloween Wreath Decor”

  1. Very Pretty. Love the feathers and the bird!

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