Save The Tatas: Plaid Supports Breast Cancer Awareness – Libby’s Story

Last week we here at Plaid kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness Month a little early. There was a celebration for one of our Plaid family members, Libby Kelley, a breast cancer survivor. Read more about Libby, and her story below.

You may wonder why would a breast cancer survivor throw a celebration party?! Well, if it wasn’t for my Plaid family and friends, I would never had made it through my surgery and cancer treatments. I wanted to bring everyone together, and thank them for all their support. During the party I had two cakes this time, and one was in the shape of a ladies breast. Thanks to another Plaid employee, Laura Brunson, for sharing her cake decorating talents. I have been breast cancer free for 5 years! 5 years is a mile stone and I am looking forward to the next 5 years, along with  another celebration. They say after 10 years you are cancer free, well I’m half way there.

On September 27th 2006, I received a call here at Plaid from my doctor telling me I had breast cancer.  I took the news like most women I know. I became a raging lunatic with a my truck drivers/sailors mouth. Within minutes I was surrounded by my Plaid family offering to help. That’s where my journey began. From that day forward I was blessed with a great support system. I received calls from everyone including, our CEO/ President Mike McCooey, and his wonderful Wife Sandra. They were always offering to help and checked up on me. One thing about our Plaid family, you will never go hungry or be alone.

I made the decision to work while going through chemo and radiation (It was my personal decision). To tell you the truth I didn’t want to be miserable alone.  Everyone was very supportive and understanding during that difficult time in my life.  My friends and co-workers even made sure my wigs were on straight, and my false eyelashes were never askew.  I would change wigs and confuse everyone. They never knew what I was going to look like 🙂  I just made the best of a bad situation.

Here’s a little advise, don’t just trust your yearly exam, and check your breast often. Cancer isn’t always a lump, it can be a red mark, it can be drainage, it can be the feel of calcification under the skin.  Just don’t assume, and always get it checked out.  I waited until I was due for my next mammogram.  Not a good move! My cancer was very aggressive, a little like me.

Don’t give up. Laugh, and turn it over to God. Let him handle the stress. I did and it worked for me. Can you guess what I did in my spare time while recuperating? I crafted of course! Painting is one of my favorite hobbies. I became very creative with FolkArt paints.

Love my job, and Plaid!


3 Comments to “Save The Tatas: Plaid Supports Breast Cancer Awareness – Libby’s Story”

  1. Congratulation!!!! Wonderful Friends and wonderful company!!!

  2. I am so happy for you Libby.Congrats! I love hearing positive stories like yours! Kudos to Paint Me Plaid for all their support through your difficult time. I just passed year 4 myself. Like you Libby, I worked through chemo, radiation, and only needed 3 weeks off for surgery. I even played volleyball, with limitations, during that time. Keeping life as normal as possible was so important to me. The only difference is I decided not to wear a wig, which some coworkers had an issue with. Eventually, they learned to accept it. Bald is beautiful 🙂 Keep up the good fight!

  3. Really scary stuff..they had me take 2 mammograms last year because I have calcification in one of my breast. It is so scary and I still worry. They seem to think that I can wait another year now before having another mammogram, boy do I hope they are right…we need to trust out doctors, but so many women scare me and tell me I should just have my breast removed…but they have not said I have cancer….and I hope it never ever turns into cancer.

    Take you for your made me cry…You are awesome and so glad you are better and I hope you continue to get cancer free reports. Hugs Chris

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