Teaching Thursdays: Elegant Witch’s Hat Centerpiece

This project was created by Holli Long. To see more of Holli’s work visit her blog, Every Days A Holli Day.

I’ve always wanted to paint a witch’s hat for my yearly Halloween decorations.  I found this little baby at Michaels and couldn’t resist!  I decided to use the beautiful new Elegant Halloween trend to paint it.  It’s a quick project, this one taking me just a couple of hours one morning.

I decided to basecoat the hat with Licorice to begin with, but definitely wanted the hat to be glittery silver when I was finished.

I double loaded a large flat brush with Light Gray and Silver Sterling and coated the entire hat.  Every so often, I would pick up a little bit of Gunmetal Gray to add to the mix.

When it was dry I painted three light coats of Silver Extreme Glitter over the entire surface.

I freehanded these swirls with a liner brush, using Metallic Sequin Black.  This paint is thin enough that I didn’t have to add water to it to make these beautiful swirls.

I used hot glue to add the ribbon and bat as embellishments.

Elegant Witch’s Hat Centerpiece Supplies:

Folk Art® Acrylic Colors: 424 Light Gray, 928 Licorice

Folk Art® Metallic Colors: 662 Metallic Silver Sterling, 667 Gunmetal Gray

Folk Art® Extreme Glitter: 2787 Silver

Paper Mache Witch’s Hat, large flat brush, liner brush, orange sheer ribbon, black rick rack, black bat with glittery wings embellishment

2 Comments to “Teaching Thursdays: Elegant Witch’s Hat Centerpiece”

  1. How simple but so elegant!!! This would be a prefect centerpiece …..thank you for sharing…..awesome creation…..

  2. Delightful. I agree with your choices, they fit my style nicely. Unique decoration and so simple. Thanks for the tut!

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