Make it Monday: Halloween Foot Stool

We recently found a new freelance designer, Trenice Bishop. As you can imagine we are quite busy here, more so than usual with all the holidays coming up. We are so thrilled to have more help. Trenice created a Halloween foot stool, using paint and stencils from the new Martha Stewart craft line. This Halloween foot stool is a beginner level craft that will take about 2 or more hours to complete.

Plaid Supplies Used:

Martha Stewart Paint – 32082 Beetle Black

Martha Stewart Paint – 32057 Mace

Martha Stewart Paint – 32065 Jonquil

Martha Stewart Paint – 32105 Yellow Gold

Martha Stewart Paint – 32059 Carrot

Martha Stewart Crafts  – Bat Adhesive stencil

Martha Stewart Crafts  – Crow Adhesive stencil

Martha Stewart Crafts  – Ghost Adhesive stencil

Additional supplies needed: Sandpaper, Utility paint brush, Fan brush, Liner brush, Flat brush, and Clear spray gloss


  1. Use sandpaper or a small sanding block to sand the entire stool before applying paint.
  2. Remove any dust or grit left behind from sanding.
  3. Apply one coat of Martha Stewart Paint in Mace to the base of the stool. Let dry for at least thirty minutes to one hour before applying a second coat of paint.
  4. For the stool legs, mix Martha Stewart Paint in Beetle Black, and Martha Stewart Paint in Yellow Gold, to desired sparkle.
  5. Use a Utility brush to paint the legs and underside of the stool.  Apply two coats of paint allowing the stool to dry for at least 30 minutes in between applications.
  6. Let entire stool dry for one hour.
  7. Add water to Martha Stewart Paint in Jonquil and use a fan brush to lightly shade a corner of the stool to create the moon.
  8. Use your favorite stencil, trace or freehand the swirls on top of the Mace base color.
  9. Use Martha Stewart Crafts Adhesive Stencils to add the Ghost, Bat and Crow details.
  10. To create the hologram effect with the ghost, stencil on a ghost using Martha Stewart Paint in Yellow Gold and let dry. Gently peel off the stencil and place slightly to the left or right of the gold application. This time use Jonquil to paint over the stencil. Let Dry.
  11.  To add the abstract pearls, simply dip the end of a paint brush (in the desired size) in the Jonquil Martha Stewart Paint and touch the end of the brush directly to the stool. The “pearls” will get smaller as you continue to create the design. Reload with paint as necessary.
  12. Using the same technique to create the “pearls”, with a smaller brush end to make eyes for the bats, ghost, and crows using Yellow Gold.
  13. Allowing all of the details to dry, use your favorite clear gloss spray to protect the stool and your art work. Be sure to find clear gloss spray that is non-yellowing and has a UV protector.

2 Comments to “Make it Monday: Halloween Foot Stool”

  1. I just love this project! Really neat and doesn’t have to be just for Halloween. Great tutorial too.

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