Mod Podge T-Shirt Giveaway

It’s giveaway time again here on Paint Me Plaid, and boy do we have a treat for the lucky winners. Now most of you only think of Mod Podge as a great product to use while you are crafting, but now it can be used for more fashionable purposes. Plaid would like to announce that we are now selling Mod Podge t-shirts. To celebrate the release of these fabulous shirts, we are having a giveaway. Four lucky Paint Me Plaid readers will receive a Mod Podge t-shirt. These t-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton and come in S – XL. Although we are giving you the chance to win a shirt, you can also buy them anytime you want, here.

Check out Cathie and Steve, along with Candi Cooper rocking the fashionable Mod Podge shirts.

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment below, letting us know why you love Mod Podge. Only one entry per person. The winners will receive one shirt in the size of their choice. The contest will close Friday October 14th, 2011 at 12 noon EST.

44 Comments to “Mod Podge T-Shirt Giveaway”

  1. LOVE MODGE PODGE for everything! I decopauge, paper mache and glue it all =)

  2. Love that Mod Podge can be used for so many projects!

  3. I love mod-podge and buy it by the gallon for all of my mixed media artwork! satin is my favorite finish! paperprayers(at)

  4. i first discovered Mod Podge in the 70’s using to cover items with magazine pictures making a collage. Just rediscovered it using it to make glass tile pendants. its a great product. to see a product be popular is great. it just shows that its a classic!

  5. Mod Podge has helped me make so many different things BEAUTIFUL!!

  6. I’m entering…love myself some MP!

  7. mod podge allows me to continue to craft and create. i’m on a tight budget with a 2 yr old an a 4 month old, mod podge gives me the outlet to still have a fun creative day! i would love to show my love for this product by wearing the t-shirt, and lets face it with 2 little ones i am wearing a lot of t-shirts!!!! 😉

  8. How awesome to have a Mod Podge Shirt!!! For someone who uses the stuff almost everyday it would be sweet to have one!

  9. I’m sorry I meant to say “It’s a great product” not project!!! LOL I totally missed this error!

  10. I love it because it’s a great project with so many uses and can be used on anything and everything – how can you not want to use something that allows you to be creative and imaginative and have lots of fun using it – I have to say I don’t really use brushes I use my fingers, so it is much more fun for me to really get into my work.

  11. i luv modge podge its my fav to do and make presents for freinds or on a rainy day and sometimes the holidays

  12. I just love doing a project with Modge Podge. I picked up a table years ago off of a tree lawn and did an incredible makeover using a flower picture I cut out from a calendar. Still have it.

  13. Now that I’ve found it, I’d be lost without Mod Podge. I’ve explored it’s many uses and have even found some I have yet to read about. I really need a this Mod Podge Tshirt, not as a fashion accessory, but as an art statement!
    Please enter me to win!

  14. I love Mod Podge because of it’s versatility in all of my paper crafts and scrapbooking 🙂

  15. Mod Podge and I have been crafting friends for years…. I won’t say how long…. but for YEARS!
    You name it, Mod Podge and I have probably covered it!!
    The shirt is fun and cheerful, thanks for the giveaway!!!

  16. I love to craft with Mod Podge. Here is my entry for Mod Podge T-Shirt Giveaway

  17. I am using mp right noW. I am making the lanterns on the cover of womens day magazine. They told you to dilute the mp, but it was almost perfect for the craft as is.

  18. i love mod podge because it’s so useful. everyone knows it’s great for your average decoupage projects. but, it’s also great for other stuff too.. for example, giving things a textured finish. it’s really cool. 😀

  19. I love Mod Podge because it’s been with me through thick and thin, pun intended. Thanks for the chance to proudly wear a Mod Podge shirt!

  20. I HEART Mod Podge!! I use it all the time! You can use it for ANYTHING!! I just used mine on some glitter pumpkins! I like to use it on lots of various craft projects. Redecorating old frames is one of my favorite ways to use it lately:)

  21. I LOVE Mod Podge because it makes my job so much easier 😉

  22. It dries clear, really works, the best for giving a project that final coat!!

  23. oh oh, pick me! I have painting tshirt, but nothing about Mod Podge. What a great ad tool!!!

  24. Mod Podge Rocks. I have used it for years and put it on everything. It makes me look like a pro,and my projects look finished. The process is so easy the grand kids can craft with it also.If you have a paint brush you too can use Mod Podge. I would love a Mod Podge shirt to show the world what a great product it is, I have a vision of Mod Podgeing my 1971 van, i think 10 gallons would work.

  25. I need a Mod Podge shirt to fill out my wardrobe AND to let people know what I am into. What a fantastic way to meet other Mod Podgers!

  26. I love Mod Podge’s versitility across projects. Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. I haven’t used it yet. I love the ideas I have for it.


  28. You can make anything with it as it would seem and it works on getting anything to “settle down”. Maybe I should try it on my 4yr old…. hmmmm….

  29. I love Mod Podge because it makes creating gifts easy!

  30. I love Mod Podge. Just covered a wooden jewelry box……it came out great…:)

  31. How fun!! I would totally rock a fun mod podge shirt! Love it!

  32. Love, Love, Love mod podge! It is so versitile, gluing, decoupage, undercoating, overcoating, etc. Love it!

  33. My craft room would not be complete without Mod Podge!!!

  34. Modge Podge does just what it says it will. I love working with it, in all it’s different forms.

  35. I love being able to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Almost anything can become a masterpiece!

  36. Mod Podge is the ABSOLUTE best medium I have ever used!! You can use it on just about any surface to make just about anything!! I would rather have it that any other product I have tried! Wonderful for scrap booking and paper crafts, but I use it a lot for my home decor projects!!

  37. Mod Podge is the BOMB!!! I always buy a bottle when I go to a craft stre and was super excited when I visited an estate sale recently and what great treasure did I find in the belongings of a crafty person who is now making heavenly crafts —MOD PODGE!!! (paid $.50 for it!!!! whoooo score for me!!!)

  38. I love mod podge becauseit lets me decorate my house with beautiful scrapbook paper!

  39. Mod Podge is awesome! My kids keep wanting to find things to use it on – tissue paper on craft pumpkins, glitter on objects, etc. I’ve had to hide the bottle and brushes! LOL!

  40. Whenever I’m in doubt while crafting, I use Mod Podge. Since I’ve started art journaling, I use Mod Podge on every page! I love the finish it gives to my project.

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