Teaching Thursdays: Martha Stewart Pumpkin Centerpiece

By: Chris Williams

Who does not like the fall season and decorating a gorgeous fall tablescape this time of year?  The contrast of weather crackled wood and glittering glistening paints is fabulous.  You too can create and enjoy this gorgeous fall centerpiece incorporating three everlasting pumpkins displayed at varying heights!  Now let’s gather our supplies …


Martha Stewart Crafts

32056  Adobo – Satin, 32165  Carnelian – Glitter, 32057  Mace – Satin, 32166  Fire Opal – Glitter, 32058  Marmalade – Satin, 32155  Orange Sorbet – Glitter, 32082  Beetle Black – Satin, 32075  Summer Linen – Satin, 32070  Chestnut Brown – Satin, 32201  Weather Crackle Effect, 32256  Birds and Berries Stencil, 32243  Foam Pouncers, 32245  5 pc Basic Brush Set


9.5” Chippendale Plate, 7” Wood Candlestick, 4.5” Wood Candlestick, Large White Pumpkin,Small White Pumpkins (2)

Miscellaneous Supplies:  Brush Basin or container for water, foam plates, paper towels, white craft glue and fine grit sandpaper

The wood candlesticks and plate are given a weather crackle finish that is fun and so easy to do.  Gather your wood items, Summer Linen and Chestnut Brown along with Weather Crackle Effect medium.

Begin by removing the bottle cap to expose the heat seal.  Remove it and replace the bottle cap.

Basecoat all wood surfaces with Summer Linen using a small utility brush.  Allow to dry and sand smooth using fine grit sandpaper.

If desired, add an accent of Mace on the edge of the plate as well as a ring on the candlesticks.

Again using the small utility brush, basecoat each pumpkin a different shade of orange.  (My pumpkins were purchased white, however, you may choose to use orange pumpkins instead.)  The large pumpkin is Adobo.

Basecoat one small pumpkin Mace.

And basecoat the last pumpkin Marmalade.

Once dry, next step is to gather the Weather Crackle Effect medium. Apply a coat of Weather Crackle Effect and allow to completely dry.

Once dry, paint Chestnut Brown over the Weather Crackle Effect in a criss-cross pattern.  The heavier you apply the paint, the larger the cracks. (Be careful not to over-brush the paint as it will move the cracks.)

Continue crackling the edge of the plate and two candlesticks.  Set aside to dry.

Next begin glittering your pumpkins!  Using a foam pouncer in a dabbing up and down motion, apply several light coats of glitter paint to each pumpkin until desired effect is achieved.  Paint Carnelian on the Adobo large pumpkin, Fire Opal on the Mace pumpkin and Orange Sorbet on the Marmalade pumpkin.

Paint pumpkin stems Chestnut Brown and allow to dry.  Then add Brownstone glitter paint.  What good is a glittery pumpkin if the stem does not glitter too?

I decided to accent the glitter pumpkins with a silhouette stencil or branches, berries and a bird.  Using a foam pouncer, stencil a Beetle Black branch and berries first.

Add a black bird (maybe a crow for this time of year).

The largest pumpkin has the most detail with a large branch, several berries and the black bird.  Accent the two smaller pumpkins with smaller sections of branches.

Apply a ring of Beacon’s Tacky Glue around the rim of the shorter candlestick.

Attach the Fire Opal glitter pumpkin to the candlestick and allow to dry.  Apply glue to the rim of the second (taller) candlestick. Attach to the center bottom of plate.  Allow to dry.

When dry, create your fall centerpiece; maybe add a garland of fall silk leaves and berries at the base to accent and enjoy!

3 Responses to “Teaching Thursdays: Martha Stewart Pumpkin Centerpiece”

  1. I really like the glittery look!


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