Martha Stewart Halloween Giveaway!

It’s time again for another giveaway here on Paint Me Plaid. The new Martha Stewart Craft line is very extensive, and has so many amazing products. Well in this giveaway we want to highlight some products from the new Martha Stewart craft line, that would be great to use during this Halloween season. We are giving away the prize pack below to one lucky Paint Me Plaid reader. This prize pack includes: Glow in the Dark Sealer, a Basic Brush Set, 3 Glow in the Dark paint colors (Yellow, Green, & Orange), 2 Chalkboard paint colors (Black and Gray), and a bottle of Water Resistant Fabric Stiffener.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below, telling us what Halloween craft you would create using any of these items.

For extra entries (leave a separate comment for each):

Check out our sister blog, Plaid Kid’s Crafts, and let us know a project you find there that you think is cool

Like Plaid on Facebook and let us know you entered the giveaway

Follow @PlaidCrafts on Twitter

Entries will be accepted beginning today, and end on Friday October 21st at 12pm EST. We will announce the winner on Friday afternoon October 21st.


151 Responses to “Martha Stewart Halloween Giveaway!”

  1. I would paint up my pumpkins~! :3

  2. o these would so go with my gilded pumpkins!!! then i would make tags with the chalkboard paint with spooky words or sayings…and then i would create some fabric projects with that stiffener!!! can’t wait to try!!!

  3. I love the “gone fishing” art from Kids Craft Blog! So flippin’ cute!

  4. I would love to make a table runner with these for my dinning room table. Probably a burlap one with some stenciling & such. I need some more table linens. Maybe some pillows too!

  5. I already *love* you on Twitter 🙂

  6. Ooooh fun! I would make a completely amazing Dia de los Muertos glow in the dark painted pumpkin with these goodies!!! I’m dying to get my hands on some of that paint. How fun! Thank you for the contest!

  7. I would love to decorate my pumpkins! (I hate carving! =)

  8. I woulds like to paint a glow in the dark clock.

  9. I would make a glow in the dark clock.

  10. I’ve been collecting jars to paint as pumpkins and ghosts for Halloween luminaries. All these paints would come in handy for the painting I have to do. the glow-in-the-dark paints would really be fun for these luminaries.

  11. I would make glow in the dark witch, scarecrow, and ghost to put next to my walkway and a sign with the chalkboard paint that says “spooky walk”….tricks or treats this way——>

  12. Love to add glow in the dark accents to some of my paintings. Yes¡!!!!!!

  13. My classroom needs more chalkboards …… using paint would be great …… peace

  14. I would like to win this to make some Halloween tote bags for my daughters Daisy troop!

  15. I am already a follower on Facebook

  16. I’d love to try something on a picture frame…some of the layered glass projects seem really cool. We’d also like to try the painted pumpkin decorated with ribbon and brads.

  17. I love Martha’s Pumpkin centerpieces an wold love to make them! I wold also use it on the dog and cat terracotta luminarias that I have!

  18. It would be fun to make a little chalkboard and make the frame glow in the dark. Or make a few glow in the dark pumpkins with a chalkboard one to count down to Halloween!

  19. I love the Ghost Glitter ornament on the Plaid Kid’s Craft site. Great idea!!!

  20. Ohhhh, the ideas are endless. I would use the glow in the dark paint on the pumpkins that I have. I would use the chalk board paint to make a Halloween Menu board. (use for other holidays too)

  21. I checked out the kids crafts blog and like the Halloween Friends craft.

  22. I’d make some sort of ceiling art for the kids rooms with the glow in the dark paint.

  23. Thank you so much for this giveaway. I would love to get a piece of plywood and paint a witch looking out my dinning room window at the kids.

  24. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. I would love to to get a big piece of plywood and paint a witch standing at my dinning room window looking out at the kids.

  25. I would love to create some stenciled outdoor pillows.

  26. I’d love to use this for some halloween scares to place outside the porch!

  27. Pumpkins for my front porch and some fun spooky Mason jars with both chalkboard paint and glow in the dark paint.

  28. Decorate pumpkins for the porch!

  29. I think the Winter Wonderland house over on the Kids Craft Blog is super cute!

  30. I follow plaid on twitter 🙂

  31. I already like Plaid on facebook 🙂

  32. Amazing products, I made some chocolate coffins this weekend, but then the mold melted in the dishwasher. Not sure how it even got in there. But they were so awesome I have to buy another, and another, and another!!!

  33. I would paint some glow in the dark eyes for the windows etc.

  34. What couldnt I paint with this vartiety!!! I can imagine the possibilities!!!

  35. I would like to paint pumpkins with the glow in the dark paints and make a sign on a stick to place above them with the chalk board paints and be able to change the saying on it to carry though the thanksgiving season.

  36. This stuff would be great for all sorts of Halloween projects, pumpkins, decorations……..glow-in-the-dark and chalkboard paint….how fun…….:)

  37. Sheesh! What wouldn’t my kids want to attempt with that prize?!?! Pumpkins, chalkboard, ornaments, signs, probably the house if I wasn’t watching! LOL!

  38. I loved the ornament on the kids page for Wednesday, I bought glass balls two years ago to decorate for Christmas but have yet to use them, this is a great Idea for halloween

  39. Walking down the street yesterday I found a child’s rocker in a dumpster. It’s in good shape basically, but desperately needs a coat of paint. I’d love to decorate it for Halloween, and paint my faux pumpkin in some glow in the dark paint, and plunk in in the chair.

  40. I checked out the Kids Craft Blog and loved it! My boys would really enjoy making the Kid Friendly Monster Masks! Sounds like we have a fun project to complete this weekend! Thanks!

  41. I love the glow in the dark paint! I would love to decorate a group of pumpkins for my front porch! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  42. My son would have a blast making the paintstick
    snowmen from the Plaid Kids Crafts.

  43. I already Like Plaid on FB.

  44. Love your kid’s crafts site! My girls would go nuts making those masks.

  45. I already like Plaid on fb.

  46. I would decorate some pumpkins with these.

  47. I’ve only got two more weeks to complete a fabric and painted skull wreath for Halloween!
    These fabulous Martha Stewart products would make it grand and ghoulish!

  48. I have boxes of wood pieces left over from home and garden projects, and I’m trying to upcycle/recycle/repurpose as much as I can these days. These products would be used until they are ALLLL GONE!

  49. I could use these to make a really cool canvas door hanging for Halloween!

  50. I think the mummy pumpkin and the pretzel webs are very cool over at Plaid kid’s crafts!!

  51. Ohh I would love to make a glow in the dark pumpkin- how cool!

  52. Oh my….I love the mummy pumpkin and the pilgrim’s hat. I think my daughter and I will try these this weekend. So cute!!!!

  53. I would paint an old plate that has been laying around the house with the orange and use the black to make a face; a pumpkin plate. Thanks for the chance!

  54. Hello!
    If I had the glow in the dark yellow and orange paints, I would use it to paint “eyes” on my fabric stiffened ghosts
    that would hang in my trees and on the large fabric stiffened standing ghost at the door. Thank you.

  55. Hello! If I had the water resistant fabric stiffener, I would make several small white fabric ghosts for my trees
    and one large ghost molded with the stiffener over a tomato cage to stand guard at the door!
    Warm Regards,

  56. I would paint a sign on the outside doors with and a small decoration on the windows (like a bat or spider).

    sandra _ mitr at yahoo com

  57. I would LOVE to win and paint some fun pumpkins for our porch!!

  58. Love all the kid’s halloween food!

  59. Already FB fan

  60. I would use this to paint signs for the new property I own! There would be no excuses for not seeing it then! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

  61. Paint a custume..


  62. I Liked Plaid on Facebook and posted a comment letting you know that I entered this giveaway.

  63. On Plaids Kids Crafts there is a Sweet Tooth Monster Trick-or-Treat Tote Bag that I think is so cool.

  64. I would use the yellow glow in the dark paint to paint the windows of my haunted house.

  65. I would paint flower pots for Halloween for the candy in the glow in the dark paint and also use the fabric stiffener with gauze on some pots for a mummy pot.

  66. I like the mummy pumpkin and Halloween friends on the Plaid Kid’s Crafts site.

  67. I have a large can that I store scissors, ruler, pens, and pencils. I could use the chalk board paint on the outside of the can so I could write notes & reminders to myself.

  68. I like you on face book and use your plaid fact just made a home made craft room clock with the Plaid Yellow canary paint and other products too..

    thank you so much

  69. I follow the kids craft blog

    thank you so much

  70. I love the spider web prezels..what a great idea..

    thank you so much

  71. I would love to win this paint. I can paint Halloween projects, Christmas projects and gifts. thank you so much

  72. Would love to paint some Halloween and harvest signs with these products

  73. I like Plaid on facebook

  74. Like the mummy pumpkin on kids crafts.

  75. You are already “like” -ed on FB! Left a comment!

  76. The mummy pumpkin on Kid Craft is to die for! Love it!

  77. I see a glow-in-the-dark skeleton in our future….

  78. I follow Plaid on Twitter!

  79. I think some cool glow in the dark tombstones would be in order for this halloween!

  80. I love the Mummy Pumpkin on KidsCraft. Too cute!

  81. I follow you on FB!

  82. I would paint my pumpkins! And anything else I can get my hands on.

  83. I like Plaid Crafts on facebook!

  84. I follow on twitter! @CheSaysCheryl

  85. I follow you on Twitter: @jengd1

  86. I’m a FB fan of yours and commented there about this giveaway.

  87. I think my son and I will have to try out the stick snowmen and the popscicle stick Santa from the Kids Craft Blog.

  88. I’d like to do some fun things with craft pumpkins and this would DEFINITELy allow for that! Thanks for the chance!

  89. I’d use the paints for my sons Halloween party game…candy corn bean bag toss.

  90. i would make a really fun halloween banner! or some cool pumpkin faces

  91. I love this set, the chalkboard paint would get a workout

  92. I already follow Plaid on Twitter!

  93. I already “like” Plaid on Facebook.

  94. I love the little mummy, dracula and witch that were made with clay pots and paint.

  95. Wow what a collection of products! I do believe I might try to make a glow in the dark Halloween decoration.

  96. I would paint a monster with those glow-in-dark paint colors! And then turn the lights off! So much fun!

  97. so many things come to mind! I wonder if the glow in the dark paints would still glow when mixed with fabric medium….I would paint some glow in the dark shirts for Halloween. using them to paint Halloween scenes on those in-expensive canvas shoes would be great too. I think it would be fun to paint wooden cady corn, pumpkin, and ghost cut outs, drill small holes near the top and hang them from a tree or attach them to little stakes to poke around my flower beds for a cute decoration that goes from day to night 🙂

  98. I love your products. Wish I did not have to drive so far to buy them.

  99. I could see using this on wood crafts, pumpkins or tombstones.

  100. I LOVE your products!!!!!

  101. I Have Expanded…my painting …My Createtive ideas in my mind has been Wandering..Making me want to try New Paints…Plus Ideas

  102. Great giveaway! I’d like to paint several pumpkins & make a wreath!!

  103. Already a FB fan & left comment!!!

  104. I Love the Mulled Monster Mojo Mug from Oct. 10th on Plaid’s Kids Crafts!!!

  105. I would love to use it to paint & stencil pumpkins!!!

  106. Thanks for posting. I had no idea about the glow in the dark spray…Love it…would work great on some skeletons!

  107. I love the leaf print cookies found on Plaid Kid’s Crafts!

  108. I follow Plaid Crafts on Twitter!

  109. I like Plaid on FB and mentioned the giveaway!!

  110. WOW!!! Would LOVE to win this! I’m loving anything chalkboard right now so thinking of some chalkboard pumpkins!

  111. I have so many projects in mind! I’d start with a seasonal chalkboard and then would move on to some cool glow-in-the-dark lawn decorations. Thanks for the chance to win!

  112. First of all…what a great giveaway!! The possibilities for these items are endless! But, however, I would start out using them on my plaster pins and magnets. Ghost, skeletons, pumpkins, and frankinstein. Oh, and mummys too!! The fabric stiffener and glow in dark finish on ghosts of course, to hang all over the place!! I can see it now…when I turn out the lights at night, the whole house would still glow!! I am crossing my fingers to win this one!! I already like you on facebook. You have a great page!! Thanks again for a great giveaway and keeping my creativity flowing!!

  113. I’m seeing some really fun painted pumpkins!

  114. I have an idea for a door hanging that glows in the dark. That’s what I would use it for, for my 3 granddaughters.

  115. I would like to make that cute mummy pumpkin on plaids kids crafts.

  116. I already likeyou on facebook.

  117. I would use the chalkboard paint to make an old mirror into a chalkboard. I would also make some cheesecloth ghosts with the stiffner..

  118. I’d like to make the monster mask on Plaid kid’s crafts site

  119. On the kids Plaid Crafts, I love the Monday Funday Mummy Pumpkin!!

  120. I would love to decorate pumpkin and a sign. the kids kids could write something on the driveway with the glow n the dark plaint!

  121. Following on Twitter

  122. Liked on FB

  123. I would love to do a chalkboard for my grand daughter and make her some glow in the dark Halloween decor.

  124. I would love to use the chalkboard paint for a kitchen sign for a friend’s house. This way they can write down notes or what’s for dinner

  125. We could have so much fun painting pumpkins!!! GREAT GIVEAWAY!!! I am already a FB fan!!!
    Have a happy crafty day!!

  126. already like you on fb and have added you to my twitter 🙂

  127. I’d love to paint our pumpkin for the stoop with glow in the dark paint!

  128. I would paint a sign for my door with the chalkboard paint and write messages to those that come to my door 🙂

  129. Those would be my go to brushes for sure 🙂

  130. I would paint some signs in the glow in the dark paint for my front yard

  131. I’d love to use chalk board paint to turn an ornate frame into a chalkboard that I can use for EVERY holiday. I could just change what’s on the chalkboard to fit the season!

  132. I’d love to paint a big ole wood pumpkin with the chalk paint write what ever the kids wanted to (over and over) and deco with the glow in the dark paints!!! CUTE!!!


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