Teaching Thursday: Fall Canvas with Pumpkin Seeds

Designed by Holli Long. To see more crafts from Holli check out her blog,  Every Day’s a Holli-Day.

After preparing my Jack O’Lanterns for Halloween this year, I decided that I wanted to try to craft with the seeds .  I decided on a fall canvas with leaves.  I had so much fun with this project, I wanted to share!

I found some beautiful fall leaves garland at the craft store, and let them be my inspiration for this project.

I used Pure Orange and Turner’s Yellow, double loaded on my brush, to basecoat the canvas.  This was a simple way to cover the entire surface of the 12″ x 12″ canvas.  I suggest making a few strokes with the brush and picking up more paint, don’t over-brush, as this will muddy the colors.

I used a leaf from the inspirational garland and made a pattern of one large leaf.  I used the pattern to “test” my pumpkin seed placement.  After deciding it would work, I made several leaf patterns and arranged them on the canvas to find the right design.

Then I used a piece of transfer paper and transferred the patterns of leaves to the canvas.

I side loaded a wet brush into Orange Poppy to shade outside the lines of the pattern, just to add some color and interest to the project.

I started making the leaves by gluing the pumpkin seeds to the outside line of the pattern.  I didn’t do anything special to the seeds after removing them from the pumpkins, really, just washed them very well and left them to dry on paper towels and then brown craft paper, for about 5 days.

After the outlines were done, I started filling in the pattern with the seeds.  I just put a dab of craft glue on the fat end of the seed, and placed it in the pattern.  It was very easy, and didn’t take too long!

I added a bit of sheer ribbon to the top left corner of the canvas, and also added a couple of those inspirational leaves from the garland.

I also found some pretty wood letters to attach to the canvas, that I thought were a nice touch.  I painted them Orange Poppy and glued them to the bottom right corner of the canvas below the leaves.

Fall Canvas Supplies

Folk Art Acrylic Colors:   508 Orange Poppy. 623 Pure Orange, 679 Turners Yellow, and 940 Coffee Bean

Plaid Wood Letter Pack Cursive 78047

12″ X 12″ canvas

Ashland™ Fall Garland

#16 flat brush, liner brush

transfer paper, pencil, tracing paper, craft glue, hot glue

1 1/2″ Orange Sheer Ribbon

2 Comments to “Teaching Thursday: Fall Canvas with Pumpkin Seeds”

  1. WOW!!! This is a great idea & piece of art – one that I really thing I could do. Thanks for sharing.

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