Make it Monday: Banner of Thanks

Designed by Holli Long. To see more craft from Holli check out her blog, Every Day’s a Holli-Day.

I gathered my supplies for this banner without really knowing what the project was going to look like when I was finished.  I do that, sometimes, and am usually happily surprised with what I come up with.  I found these perfectly sized letters at Michaels and was pleased with their size and font style.

I painted the letters Coffee Bean brown and, when they were dry, rubbed them with a piece of paraffin wax.  It’s best to use a soft cloth to wipe off the extra wax that builds up, before painting the letters again with Glazed Carrots.  Set them aside until they’re dry.

Sand lightly, and a bit of Coffee Bean will show through, especially on the ridges of these letters.

I measured eight pieces of paper 2.5″ x 5″, and cut the corners off, as you can see from this picture.  Then, I used a glue stick to glue each beige piece to the orange paper and cut each out with a small border.  I didn’t measure each piece or border, but you can, if you want.

And then, I just kept going, with two more colors from the paper pack, leaving a large, 2″ border on top of each finished one, so I could have a section of paper to attach the ribbon to later.

I added polka dots to the beige paper, also.  I used my ruler and measured 1/4″ between each dot, made myself a small mark with a pencil, and dipped an old stencil brush end into the Coffee Bean paint and dabbed the dots.  Very simple, really, but it perked up the beige paper, and looked great underneath the letters.  Then I used craft glue to attach the letters to each paper.

I used my craft knife to cut a small slit at the top of each letter, and threaded some pretty orange silk ribbon through each one, doubled at the top end.

I threaded the hanging ribbon through each loop and tied the loop to the hanging ribbon. (easier to make it than describe it).  Hopefully, this picture helps!  Also, I started threading the letters in reverse, tying the “L” in thankful first.  This kept me from wasting that beautiful sheer ribbon I was tying the letters to.

I spaced the letters evenly by tying another loop of brown sheer ribbon between each hanging letter.  It also gave the project a little more color.  I glued the buttons to the knots at the tops of the letters to keep it anchored.  Sometimes, this pretty silky ribbon is slippery and the glue held them in place!


Banner of Thanks Supplies

Folk Art Acrylic Colors: 741 Glazed Carrots, 940 Coffee Bean

Recollections™ Cardstock Paper Pack “Spice Market”

#12 flat brush, old stencil brush, craft knife, scissors, ruler, glue stick, hot glue, craft glue, assorted buttons in coordinating colors, sand paper, paraffin wax

1 1/2″ wide orange sheer ribbon

1/4″ satin orange ribbon

1/4″ brown sheer ribbon

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