Puss in Boots Celebrities Use Plaid Products to Decorate Boots!

What do a hit movie, a sassy feline and Plaid all have in common? It’s an ebay charity auction featuring boots decorated by “Puss in Boots” stars using Plaid products! Billed as a prequel to “Shrek,” the movie opened to rave reviews Oct. 28. To tie into the movie release while supporting a charity, Antonio Bandaras, Salma Hayek, Zach Galifianakis and Billy Bob Thorton each personally decorated a pair of Frye Boots with supplies donated by Plaid.

The individually customized boots are now on display at Frye Boots’ flagship store in New York (113 Spring St., between Mercer and Greene streets) and will be up for public auction on eBay from Nov. 7-17. Once the auction is live, bids can be placed on ebay, here.

All proceeds from the auction will benefit Stand Up 2 Cancer, a program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation charitable organization, established to engage the public in supporting a new model of cancer research, designed to get new therapies to patients quickly. Check out the auction here.

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