It’s Giveaway Time! Win a Gallery Glass Value Pack

Are you a fan and user of Gallery Glass? Perhaps you have been eager to try using Gallery Glass for the first time. Either way you all are in luck, this week on Paint Me Plaid we are giving away an awesome Gallery Glass prize pack. Create stained glass looks with this Value Paint Set. Set includes 2 oz. Liquid Leading, 2 oz. Crystal Clear, 6 .44 oz. pots of popular colors, and 24 .16 oz. pots of accent colors. This set contains 31 colors. We are giving away this prize pack to one lucky Paint Me Plaid reader. Also for all you fans of Gallery Glass don’t forget to  check out the blog Gallery Glass Class, for wonderful tips and projects made using Gallery Glass. Want to know how to make the project above? Click here to see the instructions.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below, telling us what craft project you would create using this Gallery Glass Value Pack.

For extra entries (leave a separate comment for each):

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Like Plaid on Facebook and let us know you entered the giveaway

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Entries will be accepted beginning today, and end on Friday November 18th at 12pm EST. We will announce the winner on Friday afternoon November 18th.

80 Comments to “It’s Giveaway Time! Win a Gallery Glass Value Pack”

  1. We have decided as a family to make our Christmas gifts this year due to the economy. we had to use only items on hand & I have used the four colors of gallerry glass paints I have on hand to make all my gifts and it has been so fun. I sure would like some more colors because I have some great ideas for other gifts through the year! Gallery Glass ROCKS!

  2. I have never used it but would love to try!

  3. I would make Christmas votive candle holders with it.

  4. I have many stained glass patterns I would lovr to try the Gallery Glass on

  5. I would like to make several hanging decorations for the big tree in our front yard. They would be beautiful hanging from the bottom branches looking just like stained glass ornaments.

  6. I’ve been wanting to try glass painting. Found some cheap vases at Ikea that would be a great canvas 🙂

  7. For the holidays, I like to make mosaics. Great gifts.

  8. Looks like sooo much, fun! I’d love to try this!

  9. I like Plaid on Facebook!

  10. I would LOVE to try Gallery Glass! I would make Christmas gifts and items for my home.

  11. I love Gallery Glass!!

  12. I like Plaid on Facebook. Tried “Twitter”…don’t like it…

  13. Oh love that Plaid mini wreath with the snowmen.

  14. Liked Plaid on FB.

  15. I haven’t done glass painting for several years. Hope to get back to it if I win this lot.

  16. I would love to use it on Christmas ornaments

  17. I would love to try Gallery Glass because I have dreamed of doing stained glass but can’t afford it or the class. I would love to start off making a sun catcher.

  18. I used gallery glass for years . my cake dish is covered in ivy vines,there is dragonflies above a bed of wild flowers on the door to the deck. I’m working on faries for my granddaughter Ayla windows. Gallery Glass is awesome!!

  19. I’m working on a fairy world on glass panels to hang in front of windows in my granddaughter Ayla room. Gallery Glass is incredible.

  20. I love Gallery Glass, my grandaughter and I make pumpkins, turkeys, indian corn and all kinds of holiday window clings, I thinking of trying it out on some ornaments for Christmas.

  21. Wow…..what beautiful thngs you can make with the gallery glass!!!!

  22. I got introduced to gallery glass when I became disabled and it was to keep my mind occupied. It worked I feel in love with it Thank you plaid

  23. I love that Turkey Wreath on the kids blog!

  24. I already like you on FB

  25. I would love to use this to make Christmas Ornaments 🙂

  26. would love to learn how to this craft!

  27. I’ve tried my hand at Gallery Glass with my sister-in-law. Would love to win a set of my own. Suncatchers are my favorite things to make.

  28. I made some terrariums out of jars recently. I’d love to add some embellishments to the jars.

  29. On the Plaid Kids Craft site, the Halloween Food Craft Graveyard and the Thanksgiving Turkey Game hold equal billing for me. The entire site is full of wonder and fun for kids!

  30. I would love to have an array of hangings in my outdoor studio to bring in the sunshine!

  31. i would use it to paint my designs on vintage windows….

  32. I like and follow you on facebook

  33. I would love to glam up the glass on my jewelry supplies cupboard with this. Pictures of little beads or jewelry would sure make it look glamourous

  34. I like Count Your Blessing Hershey’s Board on your sister’s blog.


  35. Christmas Ornaments.


  36. I like to paint on wine glass with this.

  37. I would love to use this kit to introduce Gallery Glass to my crafts class at school. I think they would love making Christmas gifts using Gallery Glass.

  38. I would love to try this project.

  39. I like Plaid on fb.

  40. Would love to work on this as a Christmas craft with my daughter over her vacation.

  41. Actually, I liked the first project I saw, with the fall leaves and turkey! Great project for kids.

  42. I’ve never used this, but I’d love to try it! I’d like to paint a Christmas scene on a glass block and put lights inside.

  43. My family still uses holiday decorations I made when I was on bed rest while pregnant with my daughter who will be 18 November 30th! I am about to work on large glass block lamp with Gallery Glass Christmas scenes on each side. GG ROCKS!!!

  44. I’ve used Gallery Glass on and off since the ’90’s. Made Christmas ornaments, painted some large church windows, made personal sun-catchers. Right now I’m in the process of painting my front door windows using pre-leaded medallions and will also be painting the back door window as well. Some new paint would be great to have.

  45. I would attempt to make miniature faux leadlight windows. What extraordinary products!

  46. This looks like something I’d love to try to do. I have some granddaughters coming and what fun we could have! Sue Kopp

  47. I liked plaid on facebook and would LOVE to win this prize package because I could use it to make some holiday gifts for my friends and family.

  48. I would love to give this a try. It looks like so much fun and would make great gifts for friends and family. Thanks for the opportunity to win a wonderful prize like this.

  49. I just began Gallery Glass to keep the arthritis in my hands down. I am anxious to try and do window panes on a door that doesn’t have a curtain!

  50. I would make suncatchers with Gallery Glass, decorate the glass doors of my cabinet with a lovely floral pattern, decorate the bathroom mirror and brighten up my Christmas tree with home made decorations. Gallery Glass would certainly look lovely with the Christmas lights shining through it.

    (I’ve already liked you on FB ages ago, love to follow the Plaid news ;-))

  51. It would be great to win Gallery Glass. I would try to make a suncatcher and decorate votive candle holders for Christmas.

  52. I LOVE the popsicle Santa on Kids Craft Blog!

  53. I follow you on Twitter

  54. I like you on FB

  55. I’d like to make some rose sun catchers for my mother and MIL

  56. I have used Gallery glass since the 90’ it..have put it on mirrors, thing I have found x

  57. A Christmas glass block for my living room

  58. This sounds like so much fun! holders for votive’s would be my first project!

  59. I also like y’all on Facebook 🙂

  60. I already Follow on Twitter @ajsarts

  61. I have always wanted to try Gallery Glass. My Christmas presents would be completed.

  62. I havent used gallery glass in years. I used to make a a lot of presents with it. Would love to try it again.

  63. I have used gallery glass and I love it., I have taken a class with Jan Cumber…..
    I made a window for my spare downstairs bathroom…..

  64. I’m going to use Gallery Glass to decorate my glass blocks that I put lights inside. My big goal is to spell out Merry Christmas (with one letter per block).
    I had “liked” plaid crafts on facebook quite awhile back, so I’m good there 🙂
    Winning this would make my day !!!

  65. Oh I would love to make some personalized wine glasses for Christmas gifts! This gallery glass pack would be great for that!

  66. I would like to use Gallery Glass to make stained glass windows for my home.

  67. I have used Gallery Glass for many years. I had a overlay faux stain glass for my front door, and recently I have decorated CD as Christmas ornaments for sale at a craft show.

  68. I “Like” on Facebook and follow on Twitter too 🙂

  69. I follow you on FB! I use the gallery glass paints on old bottles, ornaments, coasters and other useful containers.

  70. If I were lucky enough to win this Gallery Glass prize pack, I would want to try out the dolphin window pattern I found on the Plaid website to use on my bathroom window.

  71. The first thing I would make is a suncather for the computer room, tired on looking at the street and traffic.

  72. Just subscribed to Plaid Kids crafts blog. Loved the winter blessings snowman!

  73. I like Plaid on Facebook as
    Angela Christensen Baker

  74. My mother introduced me to gallery glass, I would be so excited to share it with my kids! We would do some sort of Christmas gift with it.

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