Teaching Thursdays: Upcycled Fall Votive Holder

by: Julie Lewis

When you think of fall…memories of warm moments, spicy smells and family gatherings are foremost in everyone’s thoughts. This easy to make project exemplifies all those thoughts and more as it becomes the focal point of your holiday table. Reusing an old cookie or candy tin begins the process. Follow these easy to do steps created by Plaid Designer, Julie Lewis.

Here is what you’ll need:

Mod Podge® Matte CS11301, Mod Podge® Sparkle CS11217, FolkArt® Antiquing Medium – 817 Woodn’ Bucket Brown, FolkArt® Eggshell Crackle Kit – 692, FolkArt® Acrylic Paint – 527 Forest Moss, Candy/cookie tin, Scrapbook papers, Squeegee, Foil, Wax paper, Burlap, Yarn, Acorns, 4 – wood doll pin stands 1 1/8” x ½” round, 4 – wood wheels 1 ½”, Scissors, Glue/hot glue gun, Craft knife, Ruler, Tape, Glass votives, ½”, ¼” flat brushes, Foam plates, and Dried pinto beans

Gather your supplies.

Place your scrapbook papers on pieces of foil and brush the fronts with Mod Podge Matte. Set aside to dry.

While your paper is drying, paint your wood pieces Forest Moss.

Paint your acorns too!…just the bottoms.

Measure the height of your tin…

Measure and cut two strips from your paper. Coat the backs with Mod Podge.

Brush the tin with Mod Podge.

Center and place paper onto one end of tin…smooth it around the corners.

Here’s a great tip…place wax paper over your surface and use the squeegee to push out excess Mod Podge. The wax paper won’t stick! Repeat with second strip of paper and here is another great tip…wait 20 minutes before applying your top coat. There will be things to do in the meantime.

Brush Mod Podge Sparkle over painted wood pieces and acorns.

Seal your tin with Mod Podge.

Cut your other scrapbook paper into strips 3” x ¾”. This tin took 40 strips.

Place ends together and tape.

It’s now time to apply Step 1 of the crackle medium. Apply slightly thick, smooth coats brushing out any ridges. Let dry 1 hour.

Glue the doll pins to the wheels and let dry.

After the hour, apply Step 2 of the crackle medium. Small cracks should appear within a half hour. Let dry at least 2-4 hours.

While you are waiting, cut strips of burlap and fray edges to desired look.

When crackle medium is dry, brush on antiquing medium and rub off with a soft cloth. The fine cracks will be more evident.

Find center of tin and glue or hot glue pieces of paper to tin layering in rows.

Place two loops of paper on either side of middle loop for spacing. Five across and four up.

Mod Podge a strip over top edge of tin for a finished edge.

Glue or use double sides tape to attach burlap ribbon.

Tie yarn around tine and attach acorns. Secure with a bow.

Glue feet to bottom of tin.

Fill with beans and nestle glass votives into tin.

Place candles in votive holders and scatter remaining acorns among the beans to finish. A beautiful piece for your holiday table!

2 Comments to “Teaching Thursdays: Upcycled Fall Votive Holder”

  1. That is a lovely candle holder. I love the acorns and beans. The texture is beautiful and intriguing..

  2. Wow this is so gorgeous! Love the fabric ruffles!

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