Make It Monday: Glitter Holiday Shoes

Plaid Supplies:

FA Fabric Paint: 4426 Licorice

FA Acrylic Paint: 437 Lipstick Red

FA Extreme Glitter Paints: 2792 Extreme Glitter Red, 2797 Extreme Glitter Black

Other Supplies:

Two 1/2″ wooden disc, #5 round brush, 1/2″ flat brush, Liner brush, 5/8″ dauber, 5/8″ Black ribbon, Two pearl buttons gems, & Hot glue


1.  Paint over the existing design with licorice using the #5 round brush.

2.  Cut six strips of the black ribbon to 6 1/2″.

3.  Paint the two round disc with lipstick red.

4.  Using the 5/8″ dauber add red extreme glitter to the red disc.

5.  Add three coats of  black extreme glitter to the ribbon. Allow to dry between coats.

7.  Loop each of the ribbon piece and glue.

8.  Squeeze the centers together and glue.

9.  Glue three of the loops together.

10.  Use the liner brush and paint three lines crossing in the center of disc.

11.  Using the end of the #5 brush add a dot to the center of the snowflake.

12.  Make two small lines coming from each line.

13.  Add dots to the ends of each part of the snowflake

14.  Glue the disc to the center of the ribbon flower and then glue the pearl button.

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