Tuesday Huesday: Non-Traditional Christmas Colors

Are you as addicted to Pinterest, as much as we are here at Plaid? Over the past couple of months we have started to hear from other pinterest fans, about their love for this site. It is very easy to become addicted to browsing all the wonderful images found here. There are so many great things on display. I recently visited Pinterest to gather some ideas for Christmas home decorating. I came across the image above, and it immediately caught my eye. This image was pinned by Centsational Girl. Often times I feel that there is an unwritten rule that states, all Christmas decorations must only be in traditional red, and green colors. I know there is no real rule, but I seem to always gravitate towards the traditional colors. Well this year I have decided to shake things up a bit, and be non-traditional when it comes to my Christmas colors. I love the use of jeweled toned hues. I definitely plan to incorporate fuchsia, electric blue, and more metallics in the mix. Have you used non-traditional colors in your Christmas decorations before?

This palette was created using FolkArt acrylic paint colors: #2233 Parisian Pink, #724 Evergreen, # 944 Nutmeg, and # 2578 New Leaf Green.

2 Comments to “Tuesday Huesday: Non-Traditional Christmas Colors”

  1. Love the idea! I’ve used a couple of extra colors a few times but not much.

  2. Sometimes I paint my dog ornaments on non-traditional colors like soft pink and Robin’s egg blue. My customers love the switch!

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