Teaching Thursdays: Cupcake Ornaments

By: Sherrie Ragsdale

Looking for a way to add something sweet to your Christmas tree? Well one of our talented designers, Sherrie Ragsdale, created these yummy cupcake ornaments. Have you ever seen an ornament so cute and delicious looking? I love these, and am you will enjoy them also. See below to find the step by step instructions of how to create these.


Folkart Enamel Paint:
4133 Lipstick Red
4001 Wicker White
4138  Lime Green
4039 Calypso Sky

Folkart Extreme Glitter:
2787 Silver

Folkart Acrylic Paints:
940 Coffee Bean
2561 Steel Gray

30474 Folkart Peel and Stick Painting Stencil
50147 Plaid Dauber Set

Other Supplies:

Three 75mm Clear glass disc ornaments, Plastic knife, Green sequins, Star sequins, Extra small red rhinestones, Small blue rhinestones, Small clear rhinestones, White mini baking cups, White craft glue, E6000 glue, Three small wooden beads, Red, Green, and Clear beads, Silver beads, 1/8″ silver ribbon, Hot glue


1.  Pour a small amount of coffee bean into ornaments and then turn until the they are completely covered.  Allow to dry.

2.  Using the plastic knife, frost each ornament with lipstick red, lime green and wicker white.  All to dry.

3.  For the green cupcake, add white circles the same size as the peppermint stencil.  Allow to dry.

4.  Stencil the  peppermint in lipstick red with 5/8″ dauber.

5.  Glue small clear rhinestones into the centers of each peppermint with white craft glue.

6.  Glue green sequins to red cupcake.  Add the silver star sequin to the top of tree.  Add the silver extreme glitter to the star.

7.  Add red rhinestones.

8.  For the white cupcake, start the snowflake by making a plus sign using the liner brush.

9.  Next, add the details to the ends.

10.  Finish snowflake by adding dots at the end of each line using the end of a paint brush.

11.  Glue the blue rhinestones to the snowflakes.

12.  Use white glue and a dauber and glue a set of cups together at the edges.

13.  Paint the cup gray.

14.  Use dauber to add silver extreme glitter.

15.  I used a wooden bead to glue the ornament to the cupcake but you can use anything that would fit as long as the E6000 works on the surface.

16.  Cut silver ribbon and fold in half glue the ends together.  Make a small fold and hot glue to the center of ornament.  Add beads.

17. Cut another piece of silver ribbon and add to tag.

18.  Tie tag around the ornament hanger.

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